Ben Kanute Joins Team INFINIT

March 11, 2021

Olympian and Pro Triathlete Makes the Switch to INFINIT to Fuel his Bid at a 2nd Olympic Team and 70.3 World Championship Title

Cincinnati, OH, March 11, 2021 – INFINIT Nutrition is excited to announce the addition of 2016 Olympian and professional triathlete Ben Kanute to Team INFINIT. After a year of almost no racing in 2020, Kanute kicks off the 2021 season this weekend at Challenge Miami where he will be fueling solely on his INFINIT Custom endurance fuel and hydration blends.

Ben Kanute, a 28-year old professional triathlete living in Phoenix, AZ, has quickly become one of the best all-around triathletes in the world, finding success in both short course and long course racing. Ben has been a key member of the U.S. National Mixed Team Relay since 2013, including a World Championship win in 2016 and multiple World Championship podium finishes. He also won the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon in 2017, 2018 and 2019, was the 2017 Island House Triathlon Champion, and placed 2nd overall at the 2017 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships.

This year, Ben is looking forward to getting back to racing as he eyes the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, where the Mixed Team Relay event is set to make its Olympic debut. He is also targeting the 70.3 World Championships in St. George, Utah this September on home soil.

“I chose INFINIT because of the customizability and the simplicity of the product. It delivers what I need in the simplest form, and it tastes good,” explained Kanute.

Ben has struggled for years to find a sports nutrition solution to support his training and racing that was actually palatable. With INFINIT, he can simplify his nutrition eliminating the need for a combination of gels, electrolyte tablets, chews and other fuel sources, thereby taking the guesswork out of his nutrition strategy, while ensuring he’s getting everything he needs to perform at the highest level.

“I love that I can adjust the taste. I have tried so many sports drinks over the years that make me feel even more thirsty because of how thick tasting and sugary they can be. Not to mention,  INFINIT really dissolves well compared to other drink powders.”

INFINIT will allow Ben to maximize his carbohydrate and electrolyte intake while keeping it easy on his stomach to digest, eliminating GI issues that he previously experienced with gels and other products.

Created by a group of guys that were multiple IRONMAN Kona finishers, INFINIT Nutrition was created with one goal — To create a better way to fuel. INFINIT formulas are designed to be all-in-one, isotonic and easy to digest, while still tasting good even in the most grueling conditions.

INFINIT Nutrition’s patented customization process allows the company to work with a wide range of athletes. Ben will be joining the Team INFINIT roster, which includes names like top IRONMAN triathletes Andy Potts and Matt Russell, endurance mountain bikers Taylor Lideen and Josh Tostado, cyclist Rachel Langdon, ultra runner Don Reichelt, paddleboarder Jen Lee, and IndyCar driver Tony Kanan. INFINIT is also the exclusive nutrition and hydration partner of U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS) and PitFit Training.

“We cannot be any more excited to announce Ben as the newest addition to Team INFINIT says Michael Folan, Founder and CEO of INFINIT Nutrition. “He’s one of the few triathletes out there who can win at any distance. As his triathlon career continues to evolve, Ben will have the support of our expert team of Sports Dietitians to make sure his INFINIT Custom Nutrition Blends are perfectly tailored to his needs, so he can go into race day with the confidence that he has everything he needs in one bottle (per hour).”

About INFINIT Performance Nutrition

INFINIT Performance Nutrition specializes in providing customizable nutrition-solutions that naturally maximize the performance of athletes worldwide. INFINIT’s unique customizable system gives athletes the ability to design their own sports fuel formulas, made with all-natural ingredients, to their exact specifications. Developed with the patented Osmo-FITTM system, INFINIT products and formulas are designed to be isotonic and easy to digest, even in the most grueling conditions. For more information about INFINIT Nutrition, visit infinitnutrition.com or on social media @InfinitNutrition.

About Ben Kanute

Ben Kanute is a professional triathlete residing in Phoenix, AZ. Originally from Geneva, IL, outside the Chicago area, he did his first triathlon at 8 years old. Ben raced with the MMTT Youth and Junior Triathlon team where he won multiple Junior National Championships (2007, 2008, 2010). He attended the University of Arizona where he won the 2012 Collegiate Club Championships. He was the 2013 U23 USAT Athlete of the Year and the 2015 USAT Elite Athlete of the Year.