BCAA Beverage Brand NOCCO Launches Limited Edition Miami Strawberry

January 24, 2020

New Formula to be introduced in conjunction with the Los Angeles FitExpo

New Formula to be introduced in conjunction with the Los Angeles FitExpo 

LOS ANGELES (January 24, 2020) – NOCCO – a leading no carb, branched chain amino acids (BCAA) beverage company – announced today the release of its Miami Strawberry flavor, the brand’s fifth flavor to hit the US market. The launch will coincide with the Los Angeles FitExpo, LA’s fitness-focused event featuring bodybuilders, powerlifters and other athletes, to embrace the brand’s strong presence in the fitness world.

“We are excited to announce our first flavor extension for the US market. The Miami Strawberry experienced phenomenal success in international markets following its launch in March 2019. The vibrant Miami packaging and delicious strawberry flavor will be another major springboard for NOCCO and we are stoked to make it available to the fitness community here in the US,” said Ben Jones, CEO, NOCCO USA.

Miami Strawberry is carbonated, sugar-free and low calorie with BCAAs (3000 mg), green tea extract, caffeine and vitamins. NOCCO Miami Strawberry is a tribute to the vibrant city that’s bursting with color, life and energy.

Since entering the US market in 2019, NOCCO has become the fastest growing new BCAA beverage brand, having grown to 700 accounts across the country and signed 60 new world-famous brand ambassador athletes in its first year. The company’s most recent signing is Cass Martin. Cass is well-known for her heavy lifting approach and bodybuilder physique, and has been named one of the biggest female fitness sensations in the modern era. NOCCO will have a meet and greet with her on Saturday from 12-2 pm in their booth #1348. The brand plans to continue expansion across the country throughout 2020.


All NOCCO products have a blend of BCAA’s (branched-chain amino acids), green tea extract and vitamins. They are vegan and available with or without caffeine, carbonated and with different levels of BCAA’s. NOCCO is available in five great tasting flavors – Caribbean, Peach, Tropical, Apple and Miami. NOCCO is available for purchase on Amazon and in various fitness locations across the US. To find an outlet near you, visit their Store Locator. To learn more about the brand visit www.nocco.com or follow them on Instagram.

Miami is always a good idea!