Barebells Functional Foods™ Welcomes Bodybuilder Cassandra Martin as Brand Ambassador

February 21, 2020

LOS ANGELES (February 21, 2020) – Bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast Cassandra (Cass) Martin traded her barbells for Barebells by officially joining Barebells Functional Foods™ as Brand Ambassador. Martin is welcomed to promote the brand’s high-in-protein, no added sugar* bars and encourage happy eating and healthy living to all.

“When people feel healthier, more confident and more prepared, they live their best lives,” said Martin. “I believe Barebells can help everyone achieve this goal. The brand consistently delivers on their promise to put taste first, and I always feel good that I am snacking on a quality and delicious product.”

Martin, famous for her heavy lifting approach and bodybuilder physique, has inspired people of all fitness levels and walks of life to be their healthiest and happiest self. Through her Lift With Cass Martin program and strong social media presence, Martin encourages people to instill fun into all activities and treat themselves to the good things in life – in and out of the gym.

Martin is one of Barebells ambassadors in the United States who have embraced the product to promote nutritious snacking and positive lifestyle choices. The brand has built a robust ambassador program and will continue to welcome like minded ambassadors who seek to spread joy. Available on store shelves beginning this year, the product will be embraced by retailers nationwide. For more information, visit https://barebells.com/us/ or follow them on Instagram.

About Barebells Functional Foods™

Barebells Functional Foods™ was launched in Sweden in 2016 to offer products high-in-protein that never compromise on flavor. Since the launch, the functional food brand has revolutionized the industry with its bestselling protein bars delivering 20g protein and no added sugar* – a real treat for everyone who wants to feed their cravings.

*Not a low or reduced calorie food. See nutrition information for sugar, calorie and saturated fat content