Back by Public Demand: BibBoards at the USA Triathlon Conference

January 21, 2023

Back by Public Demand: BibBoards at the USA Triathlon Conference

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Endurance brands everywhere will be attending the USA Triathlon’s Endurance Exchange Conference in Austin, Texas to share their products and innovations with race directors and endurance athletes from around the country. BibBoards will be in attendance to share the value of adding BibSnaps to endurance events with race directors and brands in the industry.

A Cost-Effective Replacement for Race Directors Everywhere

An individual safety pin may not be that expensive, but when you consider the cost of thousands of ineffective fasteners the price adds up quickly. BibBoards provide a higher quality experience for athletes while giving race directors a way to offset the cost of providing great equipment to their participants.

“If we get away from the cost of safety pins and start thinking how sponsors will pay to be part of the event to be on BibBoards then we start growing event revenues.”, says Brian Goodell founder of BibBoards

Triathlon directors who do not use BibBoards to raise money for their events are missing out on the opportunity to increase both sponsorship and the experience of the athletes who participate. BibBoards provides an income opportunity that everyone at the USA Triathlon Endurance Exchange Conference can take advantage of.

Endurance Brands can Increase Visibility with BibBoards

BibBoards can connect endurance brands with race directors by providing the best way to get their logo in front of potential customers. Unlike banners or t-shirt sponsors, BibBoards puts endurance brands on the front of every athlete on race day.

“We see major endurance brands coming in and putting their logo on BibBoards and going to these races, we want them to reach out to the race or vice versa, and it’s a win for the event” says Brian Goodell.

With the option to fully customize BibBoards with a full-color logo, endurance brands can get in front of the athletes who can use their products. Sponsoring triathlon events with custom BibBoards can put a brand’s logo directly in front of every athlete and spectator in attendance. Endurance brands can put their logo front and center of every photo taken at one of the many events represented at the USA Triathlon’s Endurance Exchange Conference.

BibBoards Do What Safety Pins Can’t

In addition to being a unique and effective marketing tool for endurance brands and a great opportunity for race directors to gain sponsorships, BibBoards provide the best quality on the market. Unlike safety pins, BibBoards won’t put holes in your shirt or your fingers. BibBoard’s patented fastener technology keeps your race day bib safe, secure, and straight for the duration of the race.

“We have seen many Tri-Athlete race directors and coaches stating their participants and clients dislike safety pins and many do not like the race belt as it chafes and rides up and down on them during the event,” says Steve Lenz Head of Partnerships BibBoards.

BibBoards are made from recyclable plastic and won’t leave the course covered in dangerous and non-biodegradable safety pins. Keeping safety pins off of the course on race day isn’t only beneficial for the environment, but is safer for volunteers tasked with cleaning the course who won’t have their fingers poked with rusty safety pins. Triathletes across the country can be certain that BibBoards will keep their bib on during the swimming, cycling, and running portion of their next triathlon.

BibBoards is excited to bring this innovation in endurance fastener technology to the USA Triathlon Endurance Exchange Conference. Invaluable to triathlon directors, perfect for endurance brands, and preferred by athletes, BibBoards can bring all three together to provide the best experience for everyone involved on race day.