AthleteIQ Has a Plan to Save Athletic Businesses

May 12, 2020

AthleteIQ is covering the cost for businesses that use their virtual athlete loyalty programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

San Francisco, CA, May 12, 2020 – Today, AthleteIQ by Unboxed is announcing it will be covering the cost for businesses that use their virtual athlete loyalty programs through the end of the year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in massive disruptions across the athletic industry. Many businesses — especially those that rely on in-person interaction — are in free fall with no end in sight. As athletic businesses fight for survival, Unboxed is executing on a plan to help them navigate these uncertain times and emerge on the other side even stronger.

The time to act is now and so today AthleteIQ is launching an athlete loyalty program designed specifically to meet the unique needs of businesses during this crisis. The loyalty programs solve the two primary concerns businesses say they now face: 1) maintaining their relationship with customers until they reach the other side, and 2) driving ecommerce sales as online becomes the dominant form of commerce. Races, gyms, run specialty, athletic brands/retailers, and others are all invited to participate.

“We’ve done a good job prioritizing the health of the people in our communities, but our communities also include the businesses that support our athletic pursuits. Right now, they need our support too because we depend on each other. We knew we needed to do our part to help them get through this.” says Ben Weiner who helped launch the initiative.

Athlete loyalty programs sync with athletes’ training data enabling your business to be a part of their training journey and stay connected — virtually. Incentivize and cheer for your customers from afar. Reward them for being loyal. The loyalty programs give your customers a fun way to challenge themselves to work out and stay motivated. This isn’t a race, this is a journey you’re on together.

Learn more and sign up to participate today: https://www.athlete-iq.co/lets-save-athletic-businesses

About AthleteIQ

AthleteIQ is on a mission to help drive a new era in data-driven athletic personalization. Through their platform and apps, they are powering the future of customer retail infrastructure. The result is not only increased customer engagement and purchase frequency, but also helping to push the sport forward through building the next generation of athletic products. To learn more, visit https://www.unboxedhq.com or reach out to Kelly Korevec (kelly@unboxedhq.com).

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