Aston Martin Enters The High-End Cycling World With Its All-New .1R Bike

October 31, 2023

Aston Martin joins the two-wheel world with help from J.Laverack.

Luxury meets innovation as Aston Martin joins forces with J.Laverack to launch the J.Laverack x Aston Martin .1R, showcased as the pinnacle of bespoke bicycles. This collaboration is a fusion of automotive high-performance design and cycling craftsmanship, resulting in a visually boltless, elegantly integrated two-wheel masterpiece. The .1R features a unique blend of 3D-printed titanium and carbon fiber, ensuring comfort and responsiveness without compromising on its sleek design. The intricate herringbone carbon fiber weave and meticulously crafted components reflect an exceptional level of detail, elevating the .1R to the status of the world’s most luxurious road bicycle. Oliver Laverack, Co-founder of J.Laverack Bicycles, highlights the partnership with Aston Martin as a breakthrough in bike engineering, delivering a level of craftsmanship and performance previously unseen in the cycling industry. DUPONT REGISTRY