Announcing Virtual Race by Field General

April 16, 2020

Taking your physical races virtual!

Madison, WI April 16, 2020 – Field General (FG) a real time GPS asset tracking software company has retooled its flagship product to provide a simple and powerful solution to launch and manage Virtual Runs: Virtual Race by Field General (VR). (http://www.vrace.us)

“With races being canceled across the world, Race Directors need a fast, simple and power solution to convert their traditional events to virtual,” Chris Betagole, FG CEO said.  “We recognized the need and wanted to lend our expertise to help Race Directors and Runners alike, many of whom are navigating the VR concept for the first time. They still need to protect their brand that they have spent years building & give participants an active outlet and sense of community that drove them to sign up for their event in the first place.”

Hosting Webinar Wednesday, April 22nd at 1pm CT, Click Here To Sign Up

Try it out at www.vrace.us

Race Directors

  • We take your event logo and participant csv and send out invites via text to your participants.
  • We provide you with a simple dashboard to manage all aspects of your event.
  • You will be able to view which participants have signed up, options to send additional texts to your participants, and to view a leader board of the results coming in.
  • You can post a public link to your leader board on your own website or other social media or export it as a csv file.


  • Each participant receives a text invite to download VR and complete their run. Participants will have a period of days to choose when to run.
  • Participants are presented with a branded run page describing how they can complete their run, either tracking their run live or manually inputting their time from Strava, Garmin, etc. Other runners are reminded that the virtual run is taking place as participants are completing their runs.
  • Participants will also receive updates in their ear of their mile marker and percentile in the run.
  • After finishing the run, participants are presented with a celebratory results page along with a tab for the run leaderboard. They can also post a selfie and view a gallery of the other selfies taken by the rest of the community. 

About Cockpit Mobile

Based in Madison, WI, Cockpit Mobile’s flagship product, Field General, is an event logistics mobile platform that specializes in real time GPS location tracking of participants, employees, volunteers and fixed assets. Real time mapping of event grounds, communication and documentation of personnel and assets combined increases efficiency, transparency and safety.

Virtual Race is a sub product that is a stand alone app that is partnering with events both big and small, focusing on giving them cutting edge technology to run their virtual runs in an organized and economical way.