AdventureCORPS announces Badwater 267 VR

December 29, 2020

The producers of "the world's toughest foot race" will host a new 31-day, 267-mile virtual event – created for runners, but with multi-sport options - throughout the month of January.

Death Valley, CA – In 2021, AdventureCORPS® – organizers of the world-famous Badwater® ultramarathon running races in Death Valley, across the USA, and beyond – will host a new event called Badwater® 267 VR on January 1 through 31, 2021. Unlike other Badwater races held in remote locations and generally limited to a small field of invited or specially qualified runners, Badwater 267 VR will be open to runners and athletes across the globe.

Badwater 267 VR competitors will virtually and sequentially traverse the routes of all three Badwater® races – the 51-mile Badwater Cape Fear, the 81-mile Badwater Salton Sea, and the 135-mile Badwater 135 – for a total of 267 miles or 430km. These are the three events which comprise the legendary Badwater Ultra Cup – and now Badwater 267 VR.

Starting one second after midnight on New Year’s Day, Badwater 267 VR participants will have 31 days to complete 267 miles on foot* and they may cover them anywhere they want, including on a treadmill or indoor track. Participants will log their miles daily at the event’s dedicated RunSignUp page and there is also a Facebook Event page to bring everyone together. Participants will receive a BADWATER 267 VR Medal, BADWATER 267 VR tech shirt, BADWATER buff, and BADWATER sunglasses after the event concludes.

*Divisions for cycling, swimming, and multi-sport are also offered, with different distance requirements. There’s also a Spectator Division for those who don’t want to cover ALL the miles, but want to watch the event and rock Badwater gear.

As the participants progress along the route, they will receive virtual “trophies” to celebrate their progress along the Badwater 267 VR route. Besides cool graphics, this will include links to videos of the various Badwater events, inspiring stories from the wide world of Badwater, and more to encourage everyone to keep moving ever forward towards your finish line at Whitney Portal.

The RunSignUp site also allows you to generate a custom digital bib and custom digital finisher’s certificate, both suitable for printing and framing.

The heart of the event is the serious real world challenge of covering two hundred and sixty-seven miles on foot in just 31 days.

The Official Charities of Badwater 267 VR are Challenged Athletes Foundation and Bald Head Island Conservancy. All Badwater 267 VR participants are encouraged to support one or both of these fine organizations in association with the event. Runners also have the opportunity to fundraise on behalf of one or both of these organizations and therefore tie a charitable effort to their Badwater 267 VR experience. Both of these organizations do amazing work in the world, but they also do mission-critical things to support all three of the Badwater “real world” events and the overall AdventureCORPS / Badwater mission.

Registration is open now for Badwater 267 VR with over 360 runners already registered.

Register:         https://runsignup.com/Race/CA/DeathValley/Badwater267VR

Webpage:       https://www.badwater.com/event/badwater267vr/

Roster:             https://runsignup.com/Race/FindARunner/?raceId=103312


Founded in 1984 by Chris Kostman, AdventureCORPS® made its name producing the world’s toughest endurance races in dramatic, remote locations that few people would ever visit, let alone run or bike across. Held under the Badwater® banner, these events have allowed runners and bicyclists to explore Death Valley, the Salton Sea, Cape Fear, the Mojave Desert, and the Nevada outback in the USA, as well as the Mustang region of Nepal, Yunan Province of China, and now in the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh.

AdventureCORPS®, Inc. owns and represents BADWATER®, “The World’s Toughest Brand, Gear, and Races.” As a brand, BADWATER represents digging deep and going farther; it is the lifestyle brand, product line, and event series for all who push their limits while exploring the outer and inner universes.

Badwater® and AdventureCORPS® are U.S. federally registered trademarks owned by AdventureCORPS, Inc.


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