Add a Spring Back to Your Step with the April-May Edition RunnerBox and RiderBox

May 12, 2020

On April 1st, The RunnerBox and The RiderBox debuted their April-May ‘Spring Edition’ box and there’s no better time than now to order yours. You don’t need to leave your house, heck, you probably don’t even need to leave your chair. RB’s team of athletes have curated a selection of some of the best sports nutrition and accessories to get subscribers through these tough times and take on spring with special powers. Standing in the grocery store reading labels and trying to decipher which products both taste good and work for you takes a lot of time (and it’s dangerous these days), so skip it and let The RunnerBox and The RiderBox team do the work for you!

Emily Werner, a registered dietitian and competitive cyclist, chose Northerly Oats and Kakookies as her favorite Spring Edition feature. “I love oats. They are extremely versatile and can be used in so many different ways, from breakfast all the way to dinner. Making oatmeal yourself from rolled oats is the healthier way to make the perfect oatmeal blend, without any hidden ingredients” Emily explained. “Oats contain more protein than other grains and are a great source of carbohydrates making them perfect long-lasting fuel for athletes.”

Emily also described her love for Kakookies, “Who doesn’t love any chance to eat cookies? Kakookies are better for you than your standard cookie. Every flavor contains 4g of protein per cookie, and includes healthy fats (specifically omega 3s), found in walnuts and chia seeds which most of us lack in our diets.”

Starting as low as $25 and boasting a retail value of over $72,   Here’s a sneak peak of this edition’s featured products:

Northerly Oats showcase the superfood that is Oats. Use these for overnight oats, cookies, a smoothie addition or even as a breadcrumb alternative to your chicken crust. Northerly Oats are a nutrient-dense power-food for athletes, so use your imagination and enjoy the clean, long-lasting energy they provide!

AMP Human PR Lotion has been a favorite with The Runner and RiderBox team for years! PR Lotion combines groundbreaking skin absorption technology with the natural electrolyte bicarb. When applied to working muscles before exercise the bicarb neutralizes lactic acid to allow athletes to push harder and recover faster. Use before training and racing to reach your goals and recovery faster.

Tiger Balm Active Muscle Spray provides soothing pain relief to sore muscles and joints by creating warming and cooling sensations. Tiger Balm Active comes in an easy to apply spray, allowing you to get to those hard to reach places.

Garuka Bars provide subscribers with a mouth-watering, high energy bar combining peanut butter and raw Vermont honey and all wrapped up in a 100% recyclable wrapper. These bars contain protein making them the perfect bar to enjoy post training (and motivation to get there).

Kakookies is an energy bar disguised as a cookie. That’s right, these delicious ‘cookies’ are loaded with superfood ingredients that provide next level nutrition with a delicious cookie taste. Perfect as a healthy ‘treat’ or as a carbohydrate boost during training.

Lesser Evil Organic Himalayan Gold Popcorn provides subscribers with a low-calorie snacking option without compromising the taste. Made with organic coconut oil and a plant-based butter alternative – you’ll feel like you’re enjoying your favorite, buttery movie snack, but without the guilt.

Skratch Labs Matcha Green Tea & Lemon Energy Chews are the perfect workout fuel for fast absorbing, gut loving energy. These chews contain natural caffeine and the optimal blend of fructose and glucose for maximum absorption and PR smashing times.

Xpand Quick Release Lacing System will save subscribers precious time with their no-tie lacing system. You can simply slip Xpand on and spring into action, while they continue to stay tight for your entire run.

Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel and Rebuild simplify nutrition for our RunnerBox subscribers with their gut-loving products. Their Endurance Fuel and Rebuild combine with water to provide runners everything they need to fuel their endurance training with calories and electrolytes and recover afterwards with amino acids and vegan protein.

Barefoot Scientist Multi-Action Healing Serum protects our Runners feet by preventing infection and supporting the fast, healing of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns using a powerful combination of 15 of the world’s best healing agents.

ThinkSport Lip Balm nourishes our RiderBox subscribers’ dry lips with USDA certified organic flavors and no harmful chemicals. You may have 99 problems, but cracked lips won’t be one.

VeloToze Helmet Cover is a lightweight cover that will fit tightly over our RiderBox subscribers’ helmet to provide a windproof and waterproof barrier. VeloToze will keep your head warm and dry during spring showers and cold days on the bike, or if you need a few more watts it’ll make you aero too.

Cocoa Elite Endurance and Recovery Mixes contain cocoa flavanols to provide an added boost to our Riders cardiovascular health while also fueling workings and boosting recovery. The recovery products come in both vegan and milk-based options depending on your desires.

About The RunnerBox and The RiderBox

The RunnerBox is the longest-standing subscription box in the endurance space. Offering boxes for runners and cyclists, it is a fun and easy way for any athletes to receive a regular supply of products to enhance their active lifestyles. Each box is filled with hand-picked products tested and approved by a team of professional athletes and nutrition experts. The RunnerBox and RiderBox offer subscriptions which are shipped every second month in addition to limited edition boxes and one-time gift boxes. To learn more about The RunnerBox visit www.therunnerbox.com

About Emily

Emily obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology at Lees McRae College and her Master’s in Nutrition at UNC Greensboro. She raced collegiately throughout her education and has three collegiate national titles. She began racing cyclocross when she was 10 years old and is currently competing professionally. Emily is a Registered Dietitian who loves helping people improve their performance through nutrition. She also loves helping athletes improve their relationship with food. Emily puts out great content and tips on sports nutrition, you can find her on: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.