A Runner’s Story of Survival Against All Odds: Ultrarunner Hillary Allen Launches New Book

April 6, 2021

April 6, 2021 – Ultrarunner Hillary Allen was at the top of her game, racing high above the clouds at a Skyrunning event in Norway, when a horrifying fall sent her skidding hundreds of feet down the mountain. While Allen survived the fall, it forever altered the trajectory of her life.

In her debut title Out and Back: A Runner’s Story of Survival Against All Odds, Allen details the challenges posed not only from the physical recovery from a dozen broken bones, but the deep, emotional scars of the accident. From learning to walk again to regaining the confidence to compete, and ultimately return to the race on the mountain that nearly claimed her life,

Allen’s story is a raw and honest portrait of what it takes to overcome the trauma of a near fatal accident.

Brian Metzler, founding editor of Trail Runner Magazine, calls the book: “an exciting and harrowing journey as Allen passionately tells her story about how she achieved enormous success, overcame a near-death experience, and then worked extremely hard to once again reach the mountain top of success.”

Published by Blue Star Press, Out and Back hits store shelves on Tuesday, April 6.

Hillary Allen is a professional athlete, sponsored by The North Face, Jaybird, Saris, Komoot, Coros, Swiftwick, Julbo,and Skratch Labs.

Website: https://hillaryallen.com/

Social: @hillygoat_climbs