A New All-Natural Recovery Cream from GO Sleeves

March 9, 2022

GO Sleeves introduces K-Recover Cream, a potent new topical pre- and post-workout cream to support faster recovery and pain relief for sore joints and muscles.

San Jose, CA (March 9, 2022)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – GO Sleeves, the company that introduced the world’s first and only kinesiology sleeve — a compression sleeve with built-in kinesiology strips, announced today a new product release: K-Recover Cream by GO Sleeves® – the K is for kinesiology. This fast-acting, all-natural therapeutic topical can be used with or without GO Sleeves compression products to support active post-workout relief of aching muscles and inflamed joints. The new product is available now on the GO Sleeves website.

“I was having soreness in my lower back during training routines (at Athlete Innovations). I rubbed K-Recovery on my back and just kept going hard on the drills. I didn’t even feel the pain after we were done. This stuff works!” — Kevin Kegler, Defensive Tackle, University of South Florida, available for the 2022 NFL Draft.

Studies have shown topical creams are a faster method for absorption of active recovery ingredients when compared to capsules or tablet supplements. The active ingredients in K-Recover Cream are uniquely formulated to take advantage of quick absorption to provide immediate relief. K-Recover Cream’s non-oily, paraben-free blend of active ingredients include magnesium chloride, glucosamine HCL, and arnica along with a complementary medley of essential oils.

Magnesium Chloride contributes to flexibility and relaxes muscles. Glucosamine HCL aids in joint relief.

Arnica is an anti-inflammatory that relieves pain, aches, and reduces bruising. Calendula is an anti-inflammatory with anti-microbial properties that supports skin hydration.

K-Recover Cream by GO Sleeves is potent and works with just a dime-sized application. It can be applied pre-workout as a muscle tension reducer or post-workout as a recovery aid. It can be combined with GO Sleeves to increase its effectiveness.

“My calves and feet have been tight the last two weeks. I used K-Recover Cream and GO Sleeves for a week and it helped so much. I started using the K-Cream and then calf sleeves right before bed, I slept in the sleeves. It was definitely not messy or greasy. My calves have felt fantastic!” — Kat Marks, XTERRA Triathlete.

Unlike other compression products on the market, GO Sleeves products incorporate built-in silicone kinesiology strips that trigger the body’s natural pain reduction capabilities and increase recuperating blood flow and lymphatic drainage. The 4-way stretch outer compression sleeve is super-lightweight, breathable, washable, and reusable. Athletes get all the benefits of a physical therapist’s tape session without the recurring cost of an office visit and/or tape applications.


Founded in 2019 by two fitness-minded entrepreneurs, GO Sleeves is a health & fitness brand reimagining the way athletes train, recover, and reduce their vulnerability to injury. By bringing the proven benefits of kinesiology technology to muscle-targeting compression sleeves and other products, GO Sleeves makes staying active and achieving peak performance possible without expensive ongoing treatments.