70% of Subtle Heart Disease Symptoms are the Same as Magnesium Deficiency

January 31, 2020

MOXiLIFE Nutrition™ Mission is CVD Prevention

MOXiLIFE Nutrition™ Mission is CVD Prevention

Tempe, Arizona – Sudden cardiac death is the first presenting symptom of heart disease in 50% of people suffering a heart attack or cardiac arrest, according to The Heart Health and the Endurance Athlete presentation from Dr. Larry Creswell and Gale Bernhardt. Dr. Larry Creswell is a thoracic surgeon affiliated with the University of Mississippi School of Medicine in Jackson, MS. Gale Bernhardt is an author to numerous training and coaching books, and has instructed or coached athletes since 1974. She has a BS degree from Colorado State University, is certified as a Level I Coach by USA Cycling and a Level III Coach by USA Triathlon.

Cardiovascular disease is a $555 Billion health care issue and is on the rise in our athletic community. The NCAA Division II National Student Athlete Advisory Committee, in collaboration with the NCAA Sport Science Institute, is leading a Cardiac Health Initiative to raise awareness for the cardiac health of college athletes. The symptoms of heart disease are often pushed aside as general fatigue or bad training days and can be the most significant signs that a heart condition is developing.

“The correlation of Magnesium Deficiency and Heart Health has been documented in many clinical studies over the years,” stated Theresa Seaquist, MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition CEO, “ I’ve been researching Magnesium for the past 10 years with a unique understanding of how it is absorbed and utilized in the body, and believe it is the most critical mineral for an endurance athletes overall health and performance.” Following the presentation Dr. Creswell stated, “I recommend Magnesium to a majority of my heart patients.”

The following list are the subtle signs of heart issues:

  1. Lightheadedness*
  2. Fatigue*
  3. Shortness of breath, in spite of fitness*
  4. Performance decreases – or not*
  5. Swelling of the feet*
  6. Pain in either arm or shoulder
  7. Depression*
  8. Hear your own heartbeat when falling asleep
  9. Nausea

*Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

OXiLIFE™ Nutrition CEO, Theresa Seaquist, Mineral Specialist is available upon request for mineral/ Magnesium presentation to coaches & teams. MOXiLIFE™ will be providing this service to any team and or camps with 50+ members, to help increase nutrition knowledge how minerals work in the body.

MOXiLIFE™ Nutrition provides premium, gut friendly personalized nutrition for endurance athletes. The female product development team has a combined 50 years of formulating supplements and in-depth ingredient knowledge; specializing in mineral absorption and plant-based nutrients. Please email theresa@moxilife.com for additional information and or visit moxilife.com  FB and IG