4 Brands Unite to Offer $20M in Incentives to Help Gyms Retain Members While Closed

April 29, 2020

Oxygenated Recovery Drink Company, O2, spearheads #StayforMay initiative to give gyms over $20M in incentives to offer their members who continue to keep their memberships active for the month of May

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Thousands of independently owned and operated gyms have been forced to shut down as a result of COVID-19 and are struggling to retain members. In efforts to give back, four fitness brands have united to give gyms over $20M in incentives to offer their members who continue to keep their memberships active for the month of May.

The #StayforMay initiative is spearheaded by O2 Recovery Drink, an oxygenated recovery drink brand sold at grocery stores, online, and gyms throughout the United States that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. O2, along with partner brands Born Primitive, Puori, and Bear KompleX, recently pledged 50% of profits from online sales in March and April to be donated back to gym owners. Now, they’re offering a combined $100 gift card to every gym member in America who belongs to a gym that has participated in their profit-sharing program (over 2,000 gyms to date) as long as the member continues to pay his or her membership dues for the month of May.

“Gym owners are some of the most critical members of our society responsible for keeping our community fit and healthy, which is more important now than ever,” said Dave Colina, O2’s Founder & CEO. “With over 90% of gyms shut down due to COVID-19, many are struggling to retain their members, and we don’t believe enough is being done for them. We feel a moral obligation to help gym owners do everything they can to stay in business, and knowing that membership dues keep the lights on, we’re hopeful this program helps gyms retain more members in May than they otherwise would have.”

“WOW!!!!!!! This just made me have a bit more hope. I am sending out an email about May memberships this week, and this is going to help myself and so many other gym owners out there,” said the owner of one participating CrossFit gym in Michigan.

“This is what effective help looks like. It’s literally more than my government or bank has done,” said the owner of another participating CrossFit gym in Ohio.

So far, the profit-sharing initiative has raised well into the six figures to be donated back to participating gyms. Gym members from all over the United States have rallied in support of their gym owners and favorite instructors, and the proof is in the voice of the fitness community. So far, the number of people across the United States that have supported their local gym as a result of the initiative is over 10,000 and growing exponentially each day. The gift card initiative is the final extension of that program, and gyms can enroll to offer this to their members until May 1.

If you are an independent gym owner that has been forced to close because of COVID-19, visit drinko2.com/stayformay to learn more about participating in this program.

About O2

Now more than ever, people are working out like elite athletes, but not taking the time to recover like the pros. O2 is making recovery more accessible, enjoyable, and convenient to help solve that problem. Developed by a physician and a CrossFit® trainer, O2 is a non-carbonated, keto-friendly recovery drink blending oxygenated water with electrolytes to help athletes accelerate their recovery without compromising their health.

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