2020 Alan Jones Timer Award Winner: Todd Henderlong

June 22, 2020

RunSignup Awards Timer of the Year Award at Virtual Symposium

June 22, 2020 – Moorestown, NJ – RunSignup announces this year’s Alan Jones Timer Award winner, Todd Henderlong, with T&H Timing located in Indiana. RunSignup’s annual timer award recognizes an individual race timer who has shown exceptional efforts and has had a significant impact on the endurance race industry. Henderlong, who is highly immersed in the industry on multiple fronts, is known for his entrepreneurship and dedication to the endurance industry represented in his more than 20 years of accomplishments that now includes timing and managing more than 200 events per year. Most recently, Henderlong made great strides for the industry by being one of the first timers in the country to produce a socially safe and government approved on-site running event during the Covid-19 pandemic. His steadfast tenacity and ingenuity are an inspiration for the endurance community.

“Todd deserves a lot of recognition for being one of the first to pull off an on-site socially safe event during the Covid-19 crisis. I really appreciate someone who runs into roadblocks over and over, but keeps plugging ahead until he accomplishes his goal. He didn’t wait around to see how others were handling racing with social distancing. He set out to do it and he did to it,” said Alan Jones, Originator of the Jones Counter and RunScore.

Henderlong along with his spouse, Heather Henderlong, own and operate T&H Timing, Extra Mile Fitness Co, and Race the Region Event Management. The Henderlongs are avid supporters, advocates and participants of endurance events, which includes being Level 1 USTAF Track and Field certified coaches. Together, along with seven timing crews that comprise 18 part-time employees, they produce, time, and manage more than 200 events supporting thousands of participants throughout the year. Todd Henderlong’s impressive track record encompasses his own personal participation in endurance events and includes being the recipient of the Senator Dick Lugar Health and Fitness Award of which honors Hoosiers who have made outstanding contributions in promoting fitness and health. In addition, Henderlong founded the OE Marathon Team, which is a charity fundraising team that has helped thousands of people run a marathon and has raised well over a million dollars benefiting local mentally and physically challenged individuals.

Most recently, Henderlong, demonstrated notable industry leadership by being one of the first timers in the country to provide an on-site running event that supported CDC and local and state guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic. Henderlong proactively took initiative to immediately respond to the new industry conditions and designed a solution that provided a no-touch oriented experience by using a blend of technology and creativity. When met with multiple roadblocks and initially denied the necessary permits, Henderlong applied determination and tenacity to see his vision come to life. Henderlong has paved the way for many timers and race organizers and provided an example that will help others to survive and succeed in a very challenging marketplace.

“We created this award to recognize the foundational importance and influence timers provide to the endurance community and races. Todd is well known in the industry and highly respected. His recent response to the challenges and roadblocks our industry is facing with Covid-19 is leading the way for others to successfully respond in unchartered waters. His dedication to the industry is seen throughout his career and we appreciate the positive impact he continues to provide for all of us,” said Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup and GiveSignup.

About the Alan Jones Timer Award

RunSignup’s annual Alan Jones Timer Award is intended to recognize an industry race timer who has made a significant impact on improving the race community. The award is named in honor of Alan Jones, who is an acknowledged innovator and is most known for his creation of the Jones Counter and RunScore. As the backbone of the race industry, timers have the opportunity to guide race organizers toward innovation and to elevate the experience for participants and spectators. Selection for the Alan Jones Timer Award is based on nominations received that illustrate a race timer who has shown exceptional efforts to improve the industry.

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