Triathlon Press Release Services

Press release services are an important tool for any triathlon organization looking to increase awareness of their product or service by enabling you to send your press release to a large targeted audience of journalists, bloggers and influencers at an affordable price. 

If you are a company in the triathlon industry, Endurance Sportswire can help you accomplish the following:

  • Get your news in front of the right reporters
  • Share your company’s news and milestones with the endurance sports industry
  • Increase sales leads and establish partnerships
  • Extend your reach beyond your own mail list
  • Find great job candidates
  • Build your brand and communicate your message

Everyday thousands of news releases are sent out over press release services. Many of these large companies promote the fact that they reach tens of thousands of reporters in countless markets, and your press release will be seen by millions. What they don’t tell you is the following:

  • More doesn’t always equate to better. 
  • These services are very expensive
  • Their targeted lists are too general 
  • If by chance they do have a list for your specific niche, you will see there isn’t actually much triathlon news there
  • Your press release may be published on dozens of websites (for a short period of time), and these websites have nothing to do with triathlon

Why Endurance Sportswire is the best press release service for your triathlon news 

Endurance Sportswire was founded in 2011 with the sole purpose of getting your triathlon news in front of the reporters and people who matter at an affordable price. In fact, Endurance Sportswire was created because we realized that there wasn’t a specific press release service for companies in the triathlon industry. 

We research the most important media contacts and outlets covering triathlon news to make sure your press release goes to the reporters who matter. And unlike other press release services on the market, thousands of industry executives and influencers also receive your press releases to ensure your triathlon news gets in the right hands.

With Endurance Sportswire, you also won’t pay hundreds of dollars to send out a single press release like you would with other press release services. Not only are we affordable, we are the ONLY press release service that offers unlimited distribution of your triathlon press releases for less than the price you might pay to send out one press release on those other services. 

Additionally, your press releases get sent directly to the reporters and people who matter in the triathlon industry via our popular daily news report that is a compilation of press releases and industry news items. In fact, we are often told that Endurance Sportswire is the first email people open in the morning to find out what is happening in the industry. 

Your news is also featured on our popular website. Click here to see our most recent press releases from triathlon brands that use Endurance Sportswire to distribute their news.

Why Endurance Sportswire?

  • Endurance Sportswire is the only press release service specifically for the triathlon industry. 
  • Your news lands in the inbox of triathlon reporters and industry people
  • We offer unlimited press release distribution for all your triathlon news
  • Endurance Sportswire is the most affordable press release service on the market
  • Unlimited word count, photo and logo is included with your purchase
  • Excellent customer service

When you distribute your press release through Endurance Sportswire, you know that your news is being read by the reporters and people who matter in your industry. 

How do I distribute my triathlon news with Endurance Sportswire?

Simply select your distribution option here. You can distribute a single press release or we have affordable unlimited packages for companies that have frequent news they want to share. After uploading your press release, photo and logo, simply select the date you want your news to be published, and Endurance Sportswire takes care of the rest.  Your triathlon news will appear on our website, social media channels, and in our popular news report that goes to over 12,000 reporters and industry insiders who are interested in endurance sports business news.

Who uses Endurance Sportswire?

Endurance Sportswire has distributed press releases for hundreds of companies in the endurance sports industry including triathlon event organizations, manufactures, industry organizations, service providers, as well as dozens of public relations agencies representing many well known brands. A sampling of our customers include: USA Triathlon, IRONMAN Group, Tribike Transport, Challenge Family, Escape the Cape Triathlon, Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, Endurance Exchange, Mascot Sports, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Triathlon Los Angeles, ROUVY, XTERRA, Spaero Triathlon, UCAN, Super League Triathlon, Professional Triathletes Organisation, She Tris, LEOMO, Kerrville Triathlon, Malibu Triathlon, Women in Triathlon Summit, Alcatraz Triathlon, Pumpkinman Triathlon, Collins Cup and Boston Triathlon to name a few. See all of our triathlon press releases here.

More questions about Endurance Sportswire? Reach out to use at info@endurancesportswire.com