ESW Video 30: Interview with Dan Empfield, Founder of Slowtwitch.com

February 8th, 2016

Endurance Sportswire recently had the opportunity to co-produce some video-taped interviews with Bob Babbitt (www.Babbittville.com) at the Triathlon Business International Conference.

In this episode of Endurance Sportswire Videos, Bob interviews Slowtwitch.com founder Dan Empfield about the upcoming Slowtwitch nationwide tour and the transition triathlon is currently seeing today.

Dan Empfield is an entrepreneur in the world of multisport, inventor of the triathlon wetsuit in 1987, and the triathlon-specific racing bike in 1989. The original designs were manufactured by the Quintana Roo, which he founded in 1987. Empfield sold Quintana Roo in 1995 to Saucony and managed that company’s bicycle division until June 1999. Today, Empfield is the editor and publisher of the popular on-line triathlon news and commentary web site slowtwitch.com. His FIST-based protocol of triathlon bicycle fitting is an industry methodology for fitting triathletes to their bikes.