Sportstats, World’s Largest Timing Company, Announces Acquisition to Boost Footprint in 2018

June 8th, 2018

Sportstats, World’s Largest Timing Company, Announces Acquisition to Boost Footprint in 2018

Sportstats acquires I Run Utah to become dominant timing company in American West

Sportstats, North America’s largest timing company, has expanded once again with the new acquisition of I Run Utah. This will bring Sportstats’ event portfolio to more than 1,100 events in 28 countries around the world.

The acquisition was completed on June 1st, 2018, by Marc Roy, CEO of Sportstats and Greg Murphy, president of

Sportstats USA already has a large presence in Utah, owing to the acquisition of Milliseconds Timing in 2013.  With the new acquisition, Sportstats USA will now have over 200 events in Utah in 2018.

“Adding I Run Utah to our portfolio will enable us to continue our growth in Utah and bring two  experienced teams together,” says Roy, reached on the phone from the Big Island of Hawaii at the Ironman 70.3 Hawaii weekend, which Sportstats times. “We are welcoming Greg and his team to the Sportstats world.”

Greg Murphy, an avid runner who qualified for the Boston Marathon, started I Run Utah, Inc. in 2013 after serving in the US Army for 27 years.  “I developed a passion for running while serving in the Army that I wanted to continue after retiring from active duty,” Murphy says. “I knew that instead of working behind a desk, I wanted to be outside with other fitness-oriented people organizing and creating events that, for many people, can be life changing.”

Murphy and Roy share a likeminded approach to their businesses: putting the customer first to create a memorable, reliable, unique experience. “I knew that we had created something special listening to the announcer praise our live, complete, and accurate results while timing the first mountain bike race we had ever timed,” Murphy says. “Like everyone at Sportstats, we are determined at every race, no matter how big or small, to get things right so that the participants have the best possible experience.”

While growing their respective businesses to be among the best in sport, I Run Utah and Sportstats shared a mutual respect for their race timing proficiency. Combined, these two proud companies offer the best possible service to events across the Western United States.

About Sportstats

The largest sports timing company in the world, the Ottawa-based global sports brand is run by Marc Roy and Isabelle Fradette and times more than 1,100 races each year across 28 countries. The exclusive timer of most Ironman events and the Rock ’n’ Roll race series, plus the CanadaRunningSeries, to name a few, Sportstats is a privately-held enterprise started in 1991, and recently announced a global partnership with coffee conglomerate Tim Hortons.

About I Run Utah

I Run Utah specializes in timing and managing events that range from traditional running, mountain biking, and triathlons to Motocross, SUP racing and overnight relays. They are among the most prestigious race timing companies in the Western United States.


Sportstats, World’s Largest Timing Company, Announces Acquisition to Boost Footprint in 2018

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