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Membership Features Basic Unlimited Premium
Photo and logo inclusion X X  
One Photo inclusion     X
Exclusive distribution to 600 reporters X X X
Exclusive distribution to 6,400 insiders in endurance sports X X X
Social Media Posting X X X
Unlimited press releases   X  
Single press release X   X
Unlmited job postings   X  
ESW Tips and Tools   X  
Single embedded link X    
Unlimited links   X X
Multiple payment options   X  
Non-profit rate   X  
If applicable, distribution in Outdoor Sportswire (3,000 contacts)   X  
Featured Press Release option   X  
Unlimited word count X X  
500 word count limit     X
Placement on Endurance Sportswire X X X
PR Newswire member discount   X  
Next day posting     X
Same day posting on ESW website X X  
Posting of your release to, where it will be pulled into Yahoo! News, Google News and made available to search engines.     X
Inclusion in RSS feeds and site search     X
PR Newswire’s onine syndication network of more than 4,500 websites which include Yahoo! Finance, Newsweek, Readers Digest, NewsNow, New York Magazine, CNBC and Business Journals     X
Visibility report with links to where release has appeared on more than 100 Web sites including Forbes, Marketwatch, Hoovers, and Yahoo!     X