XLAB Introduces Innovative Hydration Placement Tool, the Aero Cage Optimizer

April 29, 2013

Put bottle cages where they are needed

SAN DIEGO, California – April 29, 2013 – XLAB, a leader in aerodynamic hydration and storage systems, is pleased to announce its latest product, the Aero Cage Optimizer is now widely available. This clever tool will move a bottle cage up to 1.75 inches (45mm) from its original mounting position allowing for a perfect custom fit.

XLAB Founder and Head Designer, Craig Turner explains the need for this tool. “There are so many different and unique setups for bikes these days; from the different frame sizes to the various aerobars and saddles available. It can sometimes be difficult for riders to find systems that they are comfortable using and match the setup they want to use. Take for example horizontal bottle aerobar mounting. This is the most aerodynamic way of carrying front hydration, but in some instances the bottle takes up all of the prime real estate, restricting the space a computer can be installed on. With the XLAB Aero Cage Optimizer, you can simply bring the bottle back, even over a stem, and put the computer right up front.”

The XLAB Aero Cage Optimizer has many neat features. From an XLAB Torpedo Mount, to frame bottle cage mounts, or even on one of the many XLAB rear carriers this clever tool will fit on any standard bottle cage mount. The Aero Cage Optimizer is extremely adjustable as well. XLAB prides itself on attention to detail, proving this by including three different sets of screws allowing for different clearance heights and spacers for aesthetics.

Candice Turner, Global Marketing Manager, discusses the most popular needs that she has seen the Aero Cage Optimizer meet. “The most common way we have seen the Aero Cage Optimizer being used is when a rider has a computer up front and wants to start using a Torpedo system. I have also seen women use it to drop their bottle cage down on their down tube allowing them to use larger bottles. The area for hydration on the frame for women is so restricted because the frames are so small. The Aero Cage Optimizer fixes this!”

The XLAB Aero Cage Optimizer is now in full production and retails for $15.95.

For more information about the XLAB Aero Cage Optimizer or to find one at your local retailer please visit, http://www.xlab-usa.com/aero-cage-optimizer.html


XLAB has been an innovator and important part of the triathlon industry for 20 years, helping athletes win 24 World Championships. Our engineers passionately design, analyze and test the hydration and storage systems allowing for extremely light and yet extraordinarily reliable products that are unmatched in design, technology and style. For more information about XLAB, visit www.XLAB-USA.com.