XLAB Crushes Kona Count for 4th Consecutive Year!

October 13, 2016

XLAB is proud to announce that they have once again clinched the title of #1 most-used bike hydration brand at this year’s World Championship in Kona! This top title makes XLAB the leading hydration brand on the Pier for 4 years in-a-row at the annual Lavamagazine.com Bike Count.

Between frame, front and rear hydration, XLAB’s presence grew by 22.3% over 2015 – for a total of 1370 units at the world’s most prestigious triathlon. “To be the most trusted hydration brand for athletes embarking on such an inspirational and challenging event is very humbling,” said XLAB COO Candice Turner. “Thank you to all athletes who trusted XLAB for your big day in Kona!”

In the overall bike hydration total, XLAB was the clear leader with 72% more units than the nearest competitor. Tour the products 2016 Kona athletes trusted most at xlab-usa.com.

Data courtesy of LAVAMagazine.com



A twenty-three year obsession with speed has launched XLAB into the lead as the premier manufacturer of aerodynamic hydration, nutrition and repair storage solutions. Our engineers passionately design, analyze and test systems for extremely light yet, extraordinarily reliable products that, propel athletic pursuit and have captured 30 World Championship titles. Unmatched in design, technology and style, we fuel our athletes with the innovations that stay ahead of the pack. Explore the leading innovations in aerodynamic accessories at xlab-usa.com