XLAB Announces 2014 XLAB Champions

April 2, 2014

(April 2, 2014) — XLAB, pioneers in triathlon accessories, is pleased to announce the 2014 XLAB Champions, an elite team made up of multiple world champions and legends in the sport of triathlon.

COO & Marketing Director Candice Turner who manages the XLAB Champions explains the importance of the team. “At XLAB, we do not just provide support to our athletes and say ‘have a great season’, while utilizing their image. We gather the knowledge they encompass which comes from racing and training full time, day in and day out, for much of the year. This level of knowledge provides us with a wide range of insight into product trends or needs that may not be met with a current product. They truly are the highest qualified test team.”

XLAB is proud to have such a highly respected 23-person team made up of 10 World Champions and 13 other top Ironman and 70.3 race champions.

The 10 World Champions include; legends Chrissie Wellington & Craig Alexander, two-time world champions Leanda Cave & Melissa Hauschildt, Ironman World Champions Pete Jacobs  & Frederik Van Lierde, Ironman 70.3 World Champion Jodie Swallow, ITU Long Distance World Champions Caroline Steffen and Rachel Joyce, and past Junior World Champion Rebekah Keat.

Craig Alexander: “I have used XLAB products for nearly a decade. Not only do they offer the most aerodynamic nutrition storage and hydration solutions, they are also the most functional and easy to use.”

Pete Jacobs: “XLAB has been a positive influence on my racing and training for many years, and I’m happy this continues in 2014. The simplicity in appearance of their aerodynamic and practical fueling systems hides the research and development behind the scenes done by an extraordinary & perfectionist engineer, XLAB’s creator Craig Turner. It’s a fascinating and faster ride using XLAB products.”

Rachel Joyce: “I started working with XLAB officially at the beginning of 2012 but was already a fan of their products way before then so I’m delighted to have extended my relationship for another two years.  XLAB is ahead of the game when it comes to fuelling solutions: keeping an eye on the athlete’s needs whilst maintaining maximum aerodynamics.  Top products and also a great company to work with.”

The XLAB Champions also include Meredith Kessler who has raced a total of 52 Ironman races as of today, multiple 70.3 Champion Angela Naeth, top Scottish triathlete Catriona Morrison, Olympic Bronze Medalist Erin Densham, 2nd place Kona 2013 finisher Luke McKenzie, James Cunnama 4th place Kona finisher, Luke Bell, David Dellow, Josh Rix and Dede Griesbauer.

Meredith Kessler: “When I was a struggling age grouper and beginning pro, I never gave much of a thought to aerodynamic hydration and nutrition storage devices which sometimes resulted in several disastrous races. Fortunately, XLAB and I formed an enriching partnership and their products opened up a new world to me as to what is possible on the bike to feel comfortable and squeeze the most out of racing!”

New to XLAB this year is Michelle Vesterby, an elite triathlete from Denmark who has had amazing performances leading up to a strong 8th place finish in Kona on her first appearance. Amanda ‘Doc’ Stevens, seeked out XLAB to support her hydration & nutrition storage needs for 2014, along with AJ Baucco, a marquee professional athlete of the Wattie Ink team.

“Our admirable athletes become a part of the XLAB family. It is not just about the results that these athletes produce, but the level of communication they have with XLAB and the approachability factor they have with the fans of this sport. We want to support athletes who inspire the amazing XLAB customers and loyal followers we have.” said Turner.

With 14 race titles already in 2014, look for the XLAB Champions to top podiums at races worldwide in 2014. If you get the opportunity to meet one of these inspirational athletes at the races, please say hello and be inspired not just by their amazing talent, but also their love of triathlon.



XLAB has been a leading innovator and important part of the triathlon industry for 20 years, helping athletes win 26 World Championships. Our engineers passionately design, analyze and test the hydration and storage systems allowing for extremely light and yet extraordinarily reliable products that are unmatched in design, technology and style. For more information about XLAB, visit www.XLAB-USA.com.