World’s leading endurance sports brand Spartan invests in global long-distance hiking series HIGHLANDER

August 23, 2021

Strategic partnership to support global growth of endurance sports entities

BOSTON, Mass. and ZAGREB, CROATIA (August 23, 2021) – The world’s leading endurance sports and extreme wellness brand, Spartan®, has invested in long-distance hiking event series HIGHLANDER, forming a strategic partnership. The partnership aims to support the growth of HIGHLANDER, which currently holds events in 13 countries, while expanding Spartan’s “tough fitness” portfolio into adventure hiking.

“Spartan is all about creating tough experiences to transform lives,” said Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena. “Investing in and partnering with HIGHLANDER allows us to challenge even more people across the world to participate in tough activities they may have never thought possible. We’re excited to work with HIGHLANDER to grow their global reach and offer the Spartan community another opportunity to step out of their comfort zones. “

The compatibility of Spartan and HIGHLANDER’s goals naturally gravitated to a global strategic partnership. The two brands’ vision, mission, and core values form the same core: a strong mental and physical wellbeing that motivates lifestyle changes.

Within this partnership, HIGHLANDER will have the opportunity to present its concept to a wider audience and pursue its core goals. “We want to inspire people to ascend from their routine to a better self while contributing to a better world,” said HIGHLANDER CEO Jurica Barac. “HIGHLANDER offers a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime adventure in some of the most amazing places around the world. That is why we are truly honored to have Spartan – the leading global endurance sports brand — as our partner. Together, we will change lives across the world.”

This partnership is a giant step toward realizing the enormous potential of hiking globally, and peoples’ desire to improve their physical and mental wellbeing through a multi-day hiking experience in the world’s most iconic locations.

Since its inception in 2016, Croatian-based company HIGHLANDER has been connecting hiking enthusiasts in 13 countries around the world. HIGHLANDER today represents the world’s leading long-distance hiking event series. With its three event formats — HIGHLANDER, HIGHLANDER55, and HIGHLANDER EXPERIENCE — HIGHLANDER events are bringing hiking to the mainstream, and to a wide variety of people.

Spartan, which began hosting obstacle course race (OCR) events in 2010 — and grew the business into 45 countries —has expanded far beyond its roots becoming the world leader in endurance sports, creating a new category of “Tough Fitness.” In recent years, Spartan has expanded its business first into trail running, with the launch of Spartan Trail®and the Spartan Trail World Championship, and then into mountain biking with the strategic partnership of La Ruta, the world’s first multi-stage mountain bike race in Costa Rica, which has since expanded to Spain. The brand also acquired one-time OCR rival Tough Mudder ®, launched functional fitness brand DEKA™, and created a digital training app and platform.

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