WHY Racing Events did something really SH!T*Y for one of their athletes

November 15th, 2018

WHY Racing Events did something  really SH!T*Y for one of their athletes

How far would you go for one of your athletes?

Washougal, WA – The question is how far would you go for your athletes? Darcy McGowan registered her and her 14 year old daughter Ellie to participate in the Scary Run, a Halloween themed festival run in Washougal WA. What she didn’t realize at the time was just how scary it would be. While Ellie was using the porta potty and not sure exactly where to put her phone, she placed it under her chin. You can imagine the horror Ellie experienced as her precious Iphone slipped from her chin and fell into the Porta Potty. She exited the porta potty in tears while friends and family tried to comfort her. Losing a cell phone to a 14 year old young girl is like losing an arm.

Jennifer Lyman, the Customer Service Manager at WHY Racing Events, jumped…or rather hopped into action – literally as she was dressed in a bunny suit. She suggested that she could put a baggy over her arm and try to search inside the porty potty. It was early and prior to the race start so she was hoping that there really wouldn’t be that much to wade through. But Darcy wouldn’t have it. “Absolutely not. That’s just gross. We will just get another phone.”

Undetoured and thinking of that poor young girl, Shantina Fox, Event Director contacted the Porta Potty company, Brad’s Septic Services, and asked if they could try and search for the phone. Low and behold, they found the phone, cleaned it off, placed it in a baggy and Shantina Fox picked it up and returned it to Darcy and her daughter. Ellie won’t be using the phone again – that would just be gross they claimed – but at the very least, they could assure the information on the phone would be protected.

So depending on how you look at it, would you say it was a happy or a sh!*ty ending?

Here’s the funny facebook thread where athletes, friends and family had a good time with the whole situation and the outcome.


Sherri McMillan, CEO of WHY Racing Events, was so proud of her team for going above and beyond stating “As a company, we have been awarded Business of the Year from the local Chamber of Commerce and when our team is willing to go to this extent for an athlete, I can see why! Shantina and Jennifer are everyday super-heroes and always looking for ways to take care of our athletes. We also need to acknowledge Brad’s Septic Services for their customer service and willingness to do whatever it takes!”

About Why Racing Events:

Why Racing Events is a multi-sport event management organization that offers athletes of all ages and abilities, from the elite level to the back-of-the-packers, the chance to successfully complete a racing event. They host a series of 12 events every year from March to October throughout Washington and Oregon, including children’s races, fun runs, trail runs, half marathons, marathons, duathlons and triathlons. Their races vary in size from 1000 to 5000 participants. They are committed to providing a positive experience to everyone involved while raising awareness and funds for important community causes. Find out more information about Why Racing Events at www.whyracingevents.com


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Sherri McMillan
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WHY Racing Events

WHY Racing Events did something  really SH!T*Y for one of their athletes

Contact Info

Sherri McMillan

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