Virgin Sport Hackney Half Chooses Conquest Events™ Photos as its photo delivery platform

May 13, 2019

Washington, D.C. – SweatWorks, the digital agency that created Conquest Events, has been chosen by the Virgin Sport Hackney Half as its participant photo technology partner.  Virgin Sport Hackney Half is a part of the 2019 Hackney Festival of Sport, a fitness festival on May 17-19. On race day, the Festival Village at Hackney Marshes will host a full day of fitness programming devoted to the sport of running.

“The Virgin Sport mantra of making challenges fun is exactly the type of celebration of fitness that we love to be a part of,” said Mohammed Iqbal, Founder and CEO at SweatWorks. “We are excited to bring a touch of SweatWorks to East London for this sell-out event.”

This year, the event will feature SweatWorks’ Conquest Events photo with its auto-tagging using bib and facial recognition. Participants will be able to access their event photos faster than it will take them to recover from their half marathon.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the team at Sweatworks for the hosting of the images from the Virgin Sports events in 2019,” said Richard Burley of Epic Action Imagery. “Having an innovative and powerful platform to support the hard work of the photography team is a real boost for us and is key in getting participants to their images quickly.”

About Conquest Events

Conquest Events is the powerful event suite from SweatWorks that offers event apps, registration, live leaderboard and scoring, points series, event management, marketing, and media services. Conquest Events Photos is the most advanced photo platform available, highlighted by its facial recognition software, as well as its immediate delivery and flexible integration capabilities. It has been trusted by more than 1,000 events and has the highest-rated support team in the industry driven by its customer-first approach—meaning seamless technology for all events. (www.conquestevents.net.)

About SweatWorks

SweatWorks is the leading digital agency in fitness and wellness. Their experience merging their user-focused design with innovative technology has created some of the most engaging experiences for the brands they work with (www.sweatworks.net.)

SweatWorks: Liana Saltzman / lsaltzman@sweatworks.net

About Virgin Sport

Virgin Sport is an active lifestyle company within Sir Richard Branson’s global Virgin Group that’s on a mission to move the world through sport. Virgin Sport creates Festivals of Fitness that celebrate and bring host communities to life through fitness, running, art, music, food, fashion and more – sport with a red-hot twist. Virgin Sport plans to grow to new cities and active experiences in the coming years.

About Epic Action Imagery

Epic Action Imagery is a leading provider of event photography. Epic have a keen eye on quality of imagery and a professional approach that has enabled them to quickly become established a strong brand in a competitive market-place working with a range of leading global race companies in the UK and beyond. (www.epicactionimagery.com)