UltrAspire Welcomes Jeff Browning to the Elite Immortal Team

June 18th, 2019

UltrAspire Welcomes Jeff Browning to the Elite Immortal Team

UltrAspire now represents Jeff as his official waist light, waist pack, and handheld sponsor

Jeff Browning is a veteran ultra athlete from Bend, Oregon. Jeff found running at a young age from exploring his family farm of 700 acres in Missouri. Jeff has been in the sport for nearly 20 years and has well over 120 ultramarathon finishes under his belt.  Jeff was the second ranked ultra runner of the year announced by Ultrarunning Magazine in 2018 for his incredible race year.

Jeff is a tinkerer. He is and has always been one to modify his shoes and gear to test new ideas and theories. “Gear can always be better, lighter, or more dialed” Browning says regarding his gear setup. “Inspired by Athletes” is more than just an UltrAspire slogan, it is the foundation in which the brand operates and the team is excited to have Jeff on the team as product development continues.

Browning is inspired and highly passionate about the things he believes in. His years in the sport have helped him refine his racing techniques and one aspect he is especially keen on is nutrition. His passion for the outdoors has also made him very conscious of how fragile our environment can be.  He has a documentary running through the Patagonia National Park for conservation awareness in Chile that can be viewed in the documentary Mile for Mile.

Bryce has worked with athletes since the 80’s to create and refine ideas that drive endurance sports athletes forward. The UltrAspire Elite and Immortal athlete teams are a very intricate part of this research and development process and Bryce is thrilled to be working with Jeff.

About UltrAspire:

UltrAspire is a high-performance, innovative outdoor gear company. From competitive endurance sports to the casual adventurer, UltrAspire keeps to a very important code which is to create an inspired outdoor experience. Gear up with UltrAspire and experience the difference at www.ultraspire.com


UltrAspire Welcomes Jeff Browning to the Elite Immortal Team

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