Trust Performance Releases Its Debut Product: The Message

October 25th, 2018

Trust Performance Releases Its Debut Product: The Message

The Message is the first trailing multi-link front suspension design from Trust Performance.

(Salt Lake City, UT — October 25, 2018) – Trust Performance today announced the launch of its highly anticipated debut product, the Message — a trailing multi-link front suspension design for 29” and 27.5” mountain bikes. It is the first linkage front suspension design from Trust Performance and its founders, industry veterans Dave Weagle, Jason Schiers and Hap Seliga. The message delivers 130mm of contour travel through a Trust engineered twin-tube thru-shaft damper and features a trailing multi-link design that pedals like it’s running XC suspension but descends like a full-on enduro suspension. With its full-carbon chassis, steerer and links, the Message is also competitively lightweight and resoundingly stiff. It includes a lifetime bearing warranty and boasts a 250-hour service interval. Retail price is $2700 and is available starting today at

“The Message stems from a desire to answer a question that had plagued me for quite some time: Why does the rear suspension on every bike and motorcycle I’ve owned or designed always feel better than the front?” remarked Founder and Technical Director, Dave Weagle. “What would happen if I designed a device that increased front end stability while riding rather than decreased it? Is the ride better? Is it worse? Or does it just not matter? After building and riding a number of prototypes, the answer became very clear — it’s a lot better; I realized that I had to start Trust Performance.” Trust Performance formally incorporated in 2015 and today has 25 staff members between its Salt Lake City, Utah headquarters and its own Taichung, Taiwan production plant.

The Message’s contour travel allows the axle to move up and away simultaneously from an obstacle. Capitalizing on the trailing multi-link design, the leverage ratio maximizes damper performance and provides progressive ramp and predictable handling. The function of the chassis and damper are also separated, meaning the chassis is optimized for strength and stiffness and the suspension is free to move smoothly with minimal stiction.

Trust Performance Co-Founder and President Jason Schiers added, “The performance of the Message allows the front end of the bike to reap the benefits that rear suspension designs have enjoyed for years — supple performance early in the stroke, supported with a progressive mid-stroke and more bottom-out resistance at the end of the travel. One of the main goals in creating the Message was centered around the ease of setup. By simply using the rider’s weight, your front suspension can be set up to optimal performance in a matter of seconds.”

Hap Seliga, Co-Founder and CEO of Trust Performance stated that the first production cycle will be limited to 2500 pieces and shipped on a first come, first served basis. “We started small on the Message — only building a couple thousand in order to inspect each piece and fully test our supply chain, quality inspection, inventory control and fulfillment systems. The intention is to give our customers the best possible product and experience. It’s been hard to keep the Message secret for the past few years and we’re thrilled to let people know that units are hitting shelves now.” The Message is available for purchase at Dealers interested in carrying the Message are encouraged to reach out for more information.

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About Trust Performance

Trust Performance was founded by industry innovators Dave Weagle, Jason Schiers and Hap Seliga. Its operations, design and engineering staff are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and the company operates its own production facility in Taichung, Taiwan. Since formally incorporating in 2015, Trust Performance has attracted a talented team of product engineers, developers and industry veterans. More information can be found at

Trust Performance

Trust Performance Releases Its Debut Product: The Message

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