TriggerPoint Unveils New GRID VIBE Vibrating Foam Roller

March 9, 2017

Vibration aids muscle relaxation and pain reduction to enhance foam rolling benefits

AUSTIN, Texas (March 9, 2017) –TriggerPoint, the leader in muscle recovery products and education, today unveiled its new GRID VIBE, a premium vibrating foam roller for muscle relaxation and quick recovery. This new, innovative product combines the company’s category-leading GRID foam roller with the benefits of vibration, delivering enhanced results for users.

Research has indicated that foam rolling is an important and effective practice used to keep muscles and fascia healthy, releasing tightness and improving overall flexibility. This new, premium product combines TriggerPoint’s patented, multi-density outer GRID pattern, firm EVA foam and a vibrating core to help minimize pain perception and relax tight muscles. The combination of foam rolling and vibration allows users to focus longer on tender areas and ultimately achieve better foam rolling results.

“As the industry leader in foam rolling and muscle recovery, we’re focused on bringing to market the most advanced technology to help our users recover faster and achieve optimal movement,” said Marco Garsed, VP of Marketing for Implus, parent company of TriggerPoint. “TriggerPoint’s new GRID VIBE combines our trusted foam rolling product with vibration technology to help users minimize pain, relax muscles and recover faster.”

Used both before and after a workout, the GRID VIBE helps tight, overworked muscles recover more quickly from overuse, injury, or everyday repetitive movement. The product’s smaller diameter targets deeper muscles to work as a “deep tissue” roller while the vibration frequency relaxes muscles to release stubborn knots and tightness, which can cause discomfort and restrict movement.

The compact GRID VIBE is cordless, rechargeable and travel-friendly. It can be used at home or on-the-go, and easily fits into a gym bag. Also included is a unique code to the TriggerPoint video portal for users to access product instructions, tips, techniques and other educational materials to maximize their foam rolling experience. The GRID VIBE will be available beginning in July 2017 and will retail for $99. To learn more about TriggerPoint’s products and education visit

About TriggerPoint
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