Triathlon Freestyle Simplified Launches on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions

August 27, 2020

Practical Training Book a Must-have for Time-Crunched Triathletes & Open-Water Swimmers

August 27, 2020, Essex Junction, VT – Expert coaches and authors Conrad Goeringer (The Working Triathlete), and Rob Sleamaker (SERIOUS Training for Endurance Athletes) have announced the publication of their new book, Triathlon Freestyle Simplified. The 188-page book is available in both paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon.com.

Throughout the book, readers will find clear, straightforward, and actionable training guidance for training both in and out of the water.  It includes valuable contributions from world-class swim coaches and athletes. Launched amid a time when many athletes do not have access to in-person swim instruction and club swimming, the book serves as a timely stand-in for athletes eager to continue meaningful training amid the global health crisis due to COVID-19.

Triathlon Freestyle Simplified reads as part textbook, part training manual, to help athletes of all levels of swimming ability to:

  • Identify and fix typical stroke limiters through focused technique practice
  • Use essential land-based training to build strength, power, and durability
  • Structure training cycles to maximize consistency and performance
  • Discover tactics for successfully navigating open-water swimming

The book also includes a customizable 18-week swim training plan, appendix of swim drills, and auxiliary strength exercises.  Plus, numerous insights from Olympians, World Champions, and world-class coaches provide real-world experience that makes these training principles accessible for all abilities.

“Swimming is typically the biggest limiter for triathletes.  Especially for adult-learned swimmers, the sport isn’t as intuitive to train for as cycling or running. Not only is swimming time consuming, but we often see athletes spending their time unproductively. Many waste time focusing either strictly on technique or aimlessly swimming laps without much success. In the book, we provide triathletes with a distilled system to improve swim technique, strength, and fitness.  By integrating tools, principles of deliberate efficiency, and heeding wisdom from the world-class coaches and athletes we interview throughout the book, readers will experience meaningful improvements in their swimming,” said co-author Conrad Goeringer.

“Dryland training is a staple of all successful swim programs, yet many triathletes have yet to embrace it on their own. We include dry land exercises throughout the book to help with stroke correction and fitness, both with the use of a Vasa Trainer and without, which makes the book especially useful during a time when many pools and swim programs remain closed due to COVID-19,” said Rob Sleamaker.

Triathlon Freestyle Simplified is available for purchase on Amazon.com  ($19.95 for paperback and $9.99 for Kindle). For additional information, contact robert@vasatrainer.com.

Conrad Goeringer is an Ironman Certified Coach, founder of Working Triathlete, and author of The Working Triathlete. He has coached hundreds of athletes worldwide to triathlon success, including first-timers, age-group national champions, professionals, and world championship qualifiers. One of his passions is helping adult-learned swimmers and triathletes become confident, competent, fast swimmers. Conrad lives in Nashville, TN, with his wife, Alex, and their golden retriever, Kona.

Rob Sleamaker began his career in 1982 as an exercise physiologist conducting research and training endurance athletes. His first two books, SERIOUS Training for Serious Athletes, and second-edition, SERIOUS Training for Endurance Athletes (co-authored with Ray Browning, Ph.D.) both of which became classic resources for coaches and athletes. He founded Vasatrainer.com, where he designs swim-specific exercise equipment.  One of Rob’s passions is using creativity to solve problems, innovate new products, and use his grandfather’s wisdom: “Quality Costs Less.” Rob is the founder of Vasatrainer.com and lives with his family in rural Vermont, where he enjoys cross-country skiing and many sports & outdoor activities.