Triathletes Master the Epic Savageman 70 and its Brutal Bike Course

September 21st, 2017

Triathletes Master the Epic Savageman 70 and its Brutal Bike Course

The bike course includes nearly 7,000 feet of climbing

DEEP CREEK LAKE STATE PARK, Maryland — Nearly 500 athletes finished the trio of races that comprise the Savageman Triathlon Festival last weekend, a lineup that includes the demanding Savageman 70.

The Savageman 70 dates back to 2007 and has a cult following because of its challenging bike course. The route includes the Westernport Wall, a short ramp that contains pitches as steep as 31 percent, a climb of Big Savage Mountain, which forms the Eastern Continental Divide, and several other significant climbs.

Overall, the bike course climbs 6,718 feet — more than some Tour de France stages.

Athletes who ride to the top of the Westernport Wall without falling off their bike have a brick adorned with their name laid on the pockmarked road every summer. This year, 116 athletes achieved that feat.

Finishing the race was Dr. Andy Baldwin, who starred in the 2007 edition of ABC’s The Bachelor. Baldwin has competed in several Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series races as well as Ironman events. Baldwin works as a doctor for the U.S. Navy.

“SavageMan and Deep Creek Lake never disappoint,” VMTS owner Greg Hawkins said. “We had a great field of athletes and the best weather we have ever had. The riding in this area is absolutely stunning.”

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About the Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series

With 32 events on the 2017 calendar, the Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series is the largest racing series on the East Coast. The Virginia Triathlon Series began in 2005 and the Maryland Triathlon Series was born in 2009. They were merged six years later. For more information, visit


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Triathletes Master the Epic Savageman 70 and its Brutal Bike Course

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