TrainingPeaks Announces the Release of WKO5 Analytical Software

July 16, 2019

The newest generation of precision training software is here!

Boulder, Colo., July 16th, 2019. Today TrainingPeaks announced the release of WKO5, the newest generation of precision training software. WKO5 operates the same powerful analytical engine as WKO4 with breakthrough new features and a re-envisioned user-friendly platform.

WKO5 eliminates one-size-fits-all training by using the athlete’s unique physiology to create an individualized training experience. Cutting-edge metrics like  Training Impact Score (TIS) and Dynamic Functional Reserve Capacity (dFRC) quickly surface actionable insights, turning analysis into answers at a glance. For coaches and athletes looking to track performance trends on a specific course, users can now also create and analyze Smart Segments.

“WKO5 is the next evolution of endurance sports data analytics”, says Tim Cusick, WKO5 Product Leader. “Building off of the success of WKO4’s Power Duration model, individualized training metrics and powerful analytics engine, WKO5 introduces a visually redesigned platform, streamlining the user experience.”

When used in conjunction with TrainingPeaks, WKO5 allows users to seamlessly integrate their accounts and begin accessing insights immediately. Discover otherwise nuanced trends in training by creating charts to compare subjective feedback metrics from TrainingPeaks, with objective data points. In addition, every interval workout in TrainingPeaks will be optimized with precise individualized zones developed in WKO5.

“Every athlete and coach is hunting for a competitive edge,” says Dirk Friel, TrainingPeaks co-founder and Chief Evangelist. “WKO5 uses individualized training zones specifically for each athlete, while also offering unique insights into their data. In the end, giving each user the advantage of training with metrics and analytical tools tailored to their unique physiology.”

With a one time purchase, users can download WKO5 and begin to discover their physiological profile, create charts and segments to analyze data, and start training with individualized zones. Current WKO users receive a 25% discount for purchasing the newest generation of WKO. This product is now available for both MAC and PC downloads. Learn more at

About TrainingPeaks

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