TAGALONG: reinventing how professional athletes generate revenue for self-funding

August 7, 2019

TAGALONG - Find, Hire and Train with Professional Athletes

Boston, MA – New to the tech scene, but experienced in the high-performance world of sports, TAGALONG, founded by a professional triathlete, has reinvented how elite athletes can generate revenue while training full-time. The iOS app creates a marketplace where amateur athletes, fans, and developing age groupers can find, hire and train with Pro Athletes in their area.

While training and racing as a pro triathlete on the ITU circuit, Nick Karwoski found that financial stability stood in the way of performance. As a solution, he started to connect with amateur athletes who needed guidance.

 “Connecting athletes of all levels is how people will improve their best. TAGALONG creates a platform for Users to train with the best athletes out there and Pros to capitalize on their skills and knowledge while continuing to expand their network,” said Nick, Founder.

 Their mission is to make Pro Athletes more accessible to users and less dependent on governing bodies and sponsors while reducing the distraction of unrelated jobs due to everyday financial obligations that take away from their training. This gives the opportunity for amateur athletes to experience something better than a general personal trainer by being able to train with someone who knows how to train for exactly what the user is looking for.

“The growing demand for premium sports experiences is becoming more difficult to keep up with than ever before. You can see this across multiple verticals including sports TV rights and digital distribution networks, competitive brand affiliations, fantasy leagues and even sports gambling. No matter who you are, everyone wants to be involved. When I first learned about TAGALONG, I thought this is an incredibly simple way to give sports fans and athletes another form of sports engagement. It doesn’t get more one-on-one than this. It’s a platform created by athletes, for athletes,” said COO, Luis Oda.

The TAGALONG team has recruited close to 50 athletes in 5 different sports allowing a variety of athletic options available throughout the country. Not only is TAGALONG committed to rethinking self-funding, but they are also spotlighting their athletes and their journeys by featuring their race results and their stories.

TAGALONG Stories is our blog and is the best way to stop the fast pace social media trends and shine a light on a specific athlete by elaborating on the details that have made me them who they are today. It’s interesting and relatable, which is exactly what the connection between Users and Pros is all about,” said Scott Del Vecchio, Director of Media.

TAGALONG will be attending the 2019 TOYOTA USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in Cleveland, Ohio August 8-11 where users will be able to meet Pros and get the chance to know more about the app.

You can find the TAGALONG app on the AppStore and visit the list of available pros on their website. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter!