Stoltz Still Perfect, Kabush Wins First Championship at XTERRA Beaver Creek

July 14th, 2012

For Stoltz, not altitude, not a bear, not even Josiah Middaugh - a mountain master on his home course - could disrupt his perfect 2012 season.

XTERRA Photo Gallery I XTERRA Mountain Championship Results

July 14, 2012 (Beaver Creek Resort – Avon, CO) – Conrad Stoltz, 38, of Stellenbosch, South Africa and Danelle Kabush, 36, of Calgary, Canada won the XTERRA Mountain Championship at Beaver Creek Resort in Avon, Colorado on Saturday.

For Stoltz, not altitude, not a bear, not even Josiah Middaugh – a mountain master on his home course – could disrupt his perfect 2012 season.  Stoltz started the year with a win at the XTERRA South Africa Championship, then swept through the XTERRA regional championships in Nevada, Alabama, Virginia, & now Colorado to bring his unprecedented XTERRA all-time championship wins total to 47.

“I must admit it was a very pleasurable experience,” said Stoltz, who raced here at the XTERRA Mountain Championships in Beaver Creek for the first time today.  “I didn’t expect to come up here and have fun but it was a lot of fun.  The course is beautiful, and I was amazed at all the spectators even out in the middle of the forest. I saw a black bear up there while I was racing.  I heard some branches break and I could see it getting away and Josiah saw it too.  So, it was very memorable.  I was really surprised at my win. I thought Josiah was going to take it, because beating him on this course is really tough so I think I had a very special day.  I have to thank Specialized who put a lot of time and effort into my bike.”

Stoltz came out of the mile-swim in the 66-degree waters of  Nottingham Lake on the heels of leader Craig Evans and Branden Rakita, with Ben Hoffman directly behind him and David Henestrosa and Middaugh a minute back.

By the three-mile mark, and after the first of nearly four-thousand feet of climbing from the lake which sits at 7,400-feet, Stoltz led by a minute with Hoffman and Middaugh chasing together.  At mile 10, Middaugh moved into second but hadn’t closed the gap and by the bike-to-run transition Stoltz, who had the fastest bike split of the day in 1:09:46, had more than a two-minute lead.

“When you put together a good race and get beat it’s not because something went wrong, it’s just that you’re not fit enough,” said Middaugh, who has now finished runner-up to the “Caveman” in three of the last four races.  “Conrad had an awesome race and kudos to him for having that fitness and power that I’m going to be looking for in the next few months.”

Ben Hoffman had an incredible race in his first major XTERRA, and by the looks of his post-race grin it seems certain not to be his last.

“It was awesome today, I’m fired up, had fun out there,” said Hoffman, who had quite the support crew with the Specialized team in full force.  “I think most people hear XTERRA has a little more laid back vibe and fun atmosphere and being here definitely confirmed that for me.  Seeing it firsthand; the volunteers are psyched, it’s a well-run race, well-marked course, and super challenging but fair, an honest course.  There’s no hiding here, it’s what you got on the day.”

David Henestrosa from Spain, who is now living and teaching in Clearfield, Utah with his wife and two girls, won XTERRA Italy back in 2004 and last finished in the top 5 of a major XTERRA in the U.S. that same year at the Mountain Championships in Keystone, Colorado.  Today, he finished fourth.

“I feel OK in the altitude. I grew up just outside of Barcelona at a little over 4,000-feet and now in Utah its similar and its very comfortable.  I had a wonderful race, and am having so much fun racing XTERRA, it’s great to be here,” said Henestrosa.

Rounding out the top five podium was Cody Waite, posting his best finish of the season at one of the most grueling races in the Series.

Also of note, Ryan Ignatz – the overall amateur XTERRA National Champion last year – is back in the pro ranks where he belongs as proof of his sixth place finish. Brian Smith is back as well, and posted the fastest run to finish in seventh, with Branden Rakita (his dad David won the 60-64 division today) in eighth, newcomer Travis Macy in ninth, and Will Kelsay 10th.

PRO MEN        
Pl Name Age Hometown Time Points
1 Conrad Stoltz 38 Stellenbosch, South Africa 2:07:05 100
2 Josiah Middaugh 33 Vail, Colorado 2:08:24 90
3 Ben Hoffman 29 Boulder, Colorado 2:10:40 82
4 David Henestrosa 35 Clearfield, Utah 2:10:50 75
5 Cody Waite 33 Lakewood, Colorado 2:13:57 69
6 Ryan Ignatz 33 Boulder, Colorado 2:14:07 63
7 Brian Smith 37 Gunnison, Colorado 2:14:12 58
8 Branden Rakita 31 Colorado Springs, Colorado 2:16:50 53
9 Travis Macy 29 Evergreen, Colorado 2:19:09 49
10 Will Kelsay 30 Boulder, Colorado 2:20:55 45
Also: Lewis Elliot (41), Craig Evans (37), Adam Wirth (34), Damian Gonzalez (31), Gered Dunne (28)

DNF: Bradley Weiss, John Klish


Since she started racing XTERRA in 2004 Danelle Kabush has won XTERRA’s in Canada, had two kids, finished 2nd at the XTERRA World Championships twice (top five four times) but until today had never made it to the top step of the podium at a major XTERRA in the U.S.

“It’s very satisfying,” said Kabush, who earned a doctorate degree in sports psychology.  “It’s always a tough course going uphill all day but it’s so scenic and beautiful I really enjoyed myself.  I had a really fun battle with Sara out there on the bike, congrats to her and everyone else who raced.  The volunteers were awesome, and so was the crowd with so many cheers all along the course.  It’s fun to be back here after three years away.”

The race started with Suzie Snyder out front, followed by Melanie McQuaid and Sara Tarkington. Kabush was fourth out of the water, got close to Tarkington early and played cat-and-mouse with her the rest of the day.

Up ahead McQuaid, who was second here last year, worked her way to the front and was riding strong until picking up what she thinks was a nail in her back tire on the first real downhill of the day.  It turned out to be a game changer, requiring several stops, two tube changes, and a ton of time.  McQuaid ended up riding into T2 on a flat and in fifth place, which was also where she finished.

Meanwhile, Kabush and Tarkington traded leads several times until the last descent where Kabush pulled away.

“Sara was really strong on the flats, and it wasn’t until the last descent I took the lead and got a bit of a gap.  I saw here coming in as I was headed out so probably had about 30 seconds at transition,” said Kabush, who took part in the Mountain Champs for the first time since she finished 2nd back in 2009.

Tarkington, who has finished second, third, and fourth at this race the last three years, was hoping to make it a straight.

“This climbing course really suits me and this time of year my fitness starts to show,” said Tarkington. “Today was fun because it was one of the first times I’ve had one of those real legit race feelings on the bike. We both pushed each other so hard, and if you’re coming off the bike with Danelle you know you’re in trouble, because she is fast.  I had her in my sights for a mile and then she was gone.”

Kabush is indeed noted for being a great trail runner, and today she had the fastest split more than two minutes and came across the line with a comfortable cushion.  Tarkington was second, Snyder third, and Renata Bucher – just a few days removed from a grueling XTERRA in France – worked her way into fourth.

The XTERRA pro women’s field right now is as diverse as it has ever been, with four different winners in each of the four regional championship races this year.

Of note today Tamara Donelson had her best race as a pro, placing sixth, with Heather Holmes, Kim Baugh, Caroline Colonna, and Jennifer Gersbach rounding out the top 10.

PRO WOMEN        
Pl Name Age Hometown Time Points
1 Danelle Kabush 36 Calgary, Canada 2:29:35 100
2 Sara Tarkington 31 Boulder, Colorado 2:32:28 90
3 Suzie Snyder 30 Fredericksburg, Virginia 2:35:19 82
4 Renata Bucher 34 Lucerne, Switzerland 2:36:36 75
5 Melanie McQuaid 38 Victoria, B.C., Canada 2:37:27 69
6 Tamara Donelson 36 Edwards, Colorado 2:40:16 63
7 Heather Holmes 31 Pocatello, Idaho 2:45:06 58
8 Kim Baugh 33 Colorado Springs, Colorado 2:45:51 53
9 Caroline Colonna 46 Taos, New Mexico 2:51:33 49
10 Jennifer Gersbach 33 Durango, Colorado 2:52:14 45


Today’s race was the last of four regional championships in the XTERRA U.S. Pro Series. Conrad Stoltz stayed perfect and has a commanding lead heading into the finale, “still, I’d like to be perfect,” he said.  If Stoltz can finish 4th or better at Nationals he’ll capture his 10th Pro Series crown. With his second-place finish Middaugh maintained a strong hold on the No. 2 spot, but to win the Series (in this hypothetical example) he’d have to win the USA Championship and Stoltz would have to place 5th or worse.  Craig Evans stayed in third, while David Henestrosa moved up a spot to four (moving Branden Rakita down to five), and with the absence of Chris Legh, Will Kelsay and Cody Waite also climbed a spot to 6th and 7th, respectively.

2012 XTERRA U.S. Pro Series Standings (After 4 – 7.14.12)

Points total reflects top 3 scores (1 drop)

PRO MEN          
Pl Name West S’East East Mtn Totals
1 Conrad Stoltz, RSA 100 100 100 100 300
2 Josiah Middaugh, USA 90 75 90 90 270
3 Craig Evans, USA 58 90 82 37 230
4 David Henestrosa, ESP 63 53 63 75 201
5 Branden Rakita, USA 69 49 69 53 191
6 Will Kelsay, USA DNS 63 75 45 183
7 Cody Waite, USA 37 45 53 69 167
8 Chris Legh, AUS 75 82 DNS DNS 157
9 Adam Wirth, USA 41 DNF 49 34 124
10 Will Ross, USA 45 37 41 DNS 123
11 Damian Gonzalez, USA 31 DNP 37 31 99
12 Lewis Elliot, USA 49 DNS DNS 41 90
13 Dan Hugo, RSA 82 DNS DNS DNS 82
14 Ben Hoffman, USA DNS DNS DNS 82 82
15 Ryan DeCook, USA DNS 28 45 DNS 73
16 Richard Stannard, GBR DNF 69 DNS DNS 69
17 Ryan Ignatz, USA DNS DNS DNS 63 63
18 Gered Dunne DNS DNS 34 28 62
19 Kelly Guest, CAN DNS 58 DNS DNS 58
20 Bradley Weiss, RSA DNS DNS 58 DNF 58
21 Brian Smith, USA DNS DNS DNS 58 58
22 Doug Hall, GBR 53 DNS DNS DNS 53
23 Travis Macy, USA DNS DNS DNS 49 49
24 Sergio Sarmiento, MEX DNS 41 DNS DNS 41
25 Chris Ganter, USA 34 DNS DNS DNS 34
26 Jean Thibodeau, CAN DNS 34 DNS DNS 34
27 Llewellyn Holmes, GBR DNS 31 DNS DNS 31
28 Tim Snow DNS DNS 31 DNS  

The women’s chase for the XTERRA U.S. Pro Series crown is absolutely up for grabs.  Lesley Paterson held on to the top spot despite not racing, while Renata Bucher made a crucial leap forward past Melanie McQuaid with today’s results.  As it stands both Lesley Paterson and Renata Bucher control their own destiny – meaning with a victory they’d capture the Series title.  For McQuaid, to capture her fifth pro series crown, she would have to win and have Paterson finish 3rd or lower (among literally hundreds of scenarios).

PRO WOMEN          
Pl Name West S’East East Mtn Totals
1 Lesley Paterson, GBR 90 100 82 DNS 272
2 Renata Bucher, SUI 100 45 90 75 265
3 Melanie McQuaid, CAN 69 90 100 69 259
4 Danelle Kabush, CAN 75 63 69 100 244
5 Suzie Snyder, USA 63 75 63 82 220
6 Sara Tarkington, USA 49 37 DNS 90 176
7 Heather Holmes, USA DNS 34 58 58 150
8 Tamara Donelson, USA 41 DNP 45 63 149
9 Shonny Vanlandingham, USA DNS 69 75 DNS 144
10 Caroline Colonna, USA DNF 28 49 49 126
11 Emma Garrard, USA 82 41 DNS DNS 123
12 Kim Baugh, USA DNS 31 DNS 53 84
13 Carla Van Huyssteen, RSA DNS 82 DNS DNS 82
14 Kate Major, AUS 58 DNS DNS DNS 58
15 Michelle Flipo, MEX DNS 58 DNS DNS 58
16 Beth Walsh, USA 53 DNS DNS DNS 53
17 Shae Vaughn, USA DNS 53 DNS DNS 53
18 Katie Button, CAN DNS DNP 53 DNS 53
19 Brandi Heisterman, CAN DNS 49 DNS DNS 49
20 Kathryn Ross, USA 45 DNF DNS DNS 45
21 Jennifer Gersbach, USA DNS DNS DNS 45 45
22 Courtenay Brown, USA 37 DNP DNS DNS 37
23 Jennifer Todd, USA 34 DNS DNS DNS 34

The 2012 XTERRA U.S. Pro Series consists of five events – four regional
championships and Nationals.

April 14 – XTERRA West Championship (Lake Las Vegas Resort – Henderson, NV)
May 19 – XTERRA  Southeast Championship / ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships (Pelham, AL)
June 10 – XTERRA East Championship (Richmond, VA)
July 14 – XTERRA  Mountain Championship (Beaver Creek Resort – Avon, CO)
Sept. 22 – XTERRA  USA Championship (Ogden/Snowbasin Resort, UT)

The top 15 pros at each event are awarded points based on overall pro finish. Pros will count their best three of four regional scores plus the points they get (or don’t get) at the XTERRA USA Championship in Utah. Thus, the final point total combines an athletes’ best three scores in the first four races, plus the USA Championship race points.  He/she with the most points in the end is declared the U.S. Pro Series Champ. The U.S. Series will dish out $145,000 in prize money: $15,000 at the West, East and Mountain Championships, $20,000 at the Southeast and USA Championship races, and $60,000 to the top overall points scorers in the Series.


Ryan Petry (pictured) and Maia Ignatz, both from Boulder, won the overall amateur crowns.  It’s the second straight top 10 overall for Petry, who was ninth and the fastest age grouper at the XTERRA West Champs.  Ignatz, who won the 30-34 XTERRA World Championship last year, just started racing in 2009. “It’s kind of hard to imagine, I don’t picture myself among these elite women.” For both, elite status seems to be calling.

Several hundred triathletes from more than a dozen states and six countries took part in today’s race. The event consisted of a one-mile swim in Nottingham Lake, a 16-mile mountain bike on Beaver Creek Mountain and a 6-mile trail run.

There was also an XTERRA Sprint race (half-distance), and relay team competitions.  XTERRA
Sprint Race Results

Here’s a look at all of age group champions from today’s XTERRA Mountain Championship:

Division Name Time Hometown
15 – 19 Connor Weaver 2:33:57 Parker, CO
20 – 24 Ryan Petry 2:20:34 Boulder, CO
25 – 29 Scott Archer 2:30:34 Breckenridge, CO
30 – 34 Luke Jay 2:26:15 Littleton, CO
35 – 39 Bryce Phinney 2:23:51 Tucson, AZ
40 – 44 Henry Reed 2:28:54 Avon, CO
45 – 49 Stephen White 2:30:31 Vail, CO
50 – 54 Brent Peacock 2:35:16 Jackson, WY
55 – 59 James Weir 2:41:55 Denver, CO
60 – 64 David Rakita 3:06:24 Durango, CO
PC Michael Stone 3:18:50 Boulder, CO
Division Name Time Hometown
15 – 19 Erin Quinn 3:39:48 Littleton, CO
20 – 24 Jaquelyn Wilds 4:08:24 Lakewood, CO
25 – 29 Amelia Van Dyke 3:02:19 Vail, CO
30 – 34 Maia Ignatz 2:46:22 Boulder, CO
35 – 39 Jessi Stensland 2:50:08 Boulder, CO
40 – 44 Kimberly Baldwin 2:50:22 Boulder, CO
45 – 49 Christy Geyer 3:07:27 Edwards, CO
50 – 54 Lisa Sieders 3:45:31 Denver, CO
55 – 59 Barbara Peterson 3:19:35 Berkeley, CA
60 – 64 Cindi Toepel 3:20:50 Littleton, CO

Next up on the XTERRA America Tour:  XTERRA USA Championship – Sept. 22 @ Snowbasin Resort (Ogden, Utah)

A special thanks to Tim Baker, executive director at Beaver Creek Resort and the entire BCR staff, along with the volunteers, and our local partners at East-West Resorts and the Town of Avon.

The 2012 XTERRA Mountain Championship is presented by Paul Mitchell, AVIA, and Beaver Creek Resort. Sponsors include, Gatorade, PowerBar, Rudy Project, Breakthrough Nutrition, Utah Sports Commission, Choice Hotels, XTERRA Wetsuits, XTERRA Footwear, XTERRA Fitness, East-West Resorts, the Town of Avon, and Zorrel.

TEAM Unlimited is a Hawaii-based television events and marketing company, founded in 1988.  It owns and produces XTERRA and in 2011 produced more than 100 XTERRA off-road triathlon and trail running races in 15 countries worldwide.  In the U.S. alone nearly 200,000 participants
took part in the XTERRA lifestyle last year while XTERRA’s TV, publicity, advertising, online, and grassroots marketing efforts generated more than 400 million impressions.  In addition, TEAM TV has produced more than 300 adventure television shows resulting in three Emmy’s and 42 Telly Awards for production excellence since 1990.  View samples at, and learn more at and


TEAM Unlimited / XTERRA

Stoltz Still Perfect, Kabush Wins First Championship at XTERRA Beaver Creek

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