Spinlister Makes Waves by Expanding to SUP and Surf

June 24th, 2014

Spinlister Makes Waves by Expanding to SUP and Surf

Spinlister expands their peer to peer action sports rental platform by offering stand up paddle boards (SUP) and surfboards

Spinlister, the world leader in peer-to-peer bicycle, ski, and snowboard rentals, announced today that they have expanded their platform to stand up paddle boards (SUP) and surfboards.

The launch planning began in December 2013 after Spinlister received countless user demands and discovered that among outdoor recreation sports, stand up paddling had the highest number of new participants in the previous year. In 2012, 1.5 million stand up paddling participants made 9.6 million outings. Spinlister plans to make these outings easier for participants by providing them with the opportunity to rent stand up paddle boards from locals.

“Many people would love to try stand up paddling but most likely can’t afford to purchase a board or do not have the space to store one. I’m delighted that Spinlister can provide users with the ability to try stand up paddling or surfing by renting from a local,” says Spinlister’s CEO, Marcelo Loureiro.

Surfers and stand up paddle boarders have the opportunity to make a lot of money off their boards by listing them on Spinlister. “As a surfer I know that most people have several boards that usually sit in their garage. With Spinlister, surfers and stand up paddle boarders can monetize their unused boards by lending them out to appreciative people,” says Loureiro.

Spinlister covers all stand up paddle boards and surfboards up to $2,000 against theft or damage. To list your boards visit www.spinlister.com/list.

About Spinlister:

Launched on April 1st 2012, Spinlister is a peer-to-peer action sports platform that allows users to rent and list bicycles, skis, snowboards, SUPs, and surfboards from each other in over 50 countries worldwide. With their seamless web, iOS, and android apps, built-in security features, and a database of user reviews, Spinlister has won the trust of communities of athletes all over the globe.


Spinlister Makes Waves by Expanding to SUP and Surf

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