Spectrum Sports Management, Inc., Announces Partnership with Cycling Experts Big Wheel Coaching

August 15, 2019

Spectrum Sports Management, Inc., announced today an exciting partnership with Big Wheel Coaching as the official coaching and training partner for the 2019 Bike the Coast Bike Tour and 2020 San Diego Century Bike Tour. Starting today, Big Wheel Coaching is pleased to offer comprehensive training plans for all levels of cycling available at: www.bikethecoastsd.com

“Partnering with Spectrum Sports Management for Bike the Coast and San Diego Century events is an exciting collaboration where together, the athletes and attendees will be offered high caliber support on and off the bike.” Stated Joy McCullough, President of Big Wheel Coaching.

In partnering with Big Wheel Coaching, Spectrum Sports Management, Inc., will ensure that riders of all skill levels and experiences have the resources they need to properly train for a fun and enjoyable, yet competitive ride around the beautiful and iconic San Diego cities and by-ways.

Joy and Brian McCullough of Big Wheel Coaching have been training cyclists of all levels since its founding in 2010. As former professional cyclists themselves, they know the proper techniques to get racers prepared to push themselves to their personal best on race day. They will be providing exclusive group rides, one on one advice, tips and more. This resource is a great opportunity for first-time riders looking to develop the foundation they need to turn their dreams into goals – and achieve them.

“We are really thrilled to be working with Big Wheel Coaching led by Joy and Brian McCulloch to be the Official Coaches of our two cycling events, the San Diego Century and Bike the Coast,” said Mike Bone, President of Spectrum Sports Management. “Our two rides offer an opportunity for the serious rider to challenge the toughest roads in San Diego County through the San Diego Century, or to join us for a fun, scenic, celebration of Southern California cycling at Bike the Coast. Joy and Brian offer a tremendous amount of coaching experience of all levels. Our riders will have the opportunity to learn how to train, how to prepare, how to ride safely and to have a memorable experience at these rides. Our aim is to create a training situation that will be enjoyed by all levels of riders, to get more people riding and leading healthy lifestyles and to have an enjoyable experience when they are finished. After all, this is supposed to be fun!”

About Spectrum Sports Management, Inc.

Spectrum Sports Management is the Southern California leader in large scale participant events in the endurance market. Our expertise provides experience in road running, trail running, cycling and multi-sport events. Beyond the participant events we provide expertise in world-class organization and event management in sports, including professional golf, Olympic events and international competitions. Spectrum Sports Management is led by Mike Bone, an industry professional with over 30 years’ experience in the Southern California market encompassing event management, sponsorship packaging and sales, and new event development.

For more information, visit: https://spectrumsports.net/

About Big Wheel Coaching

Big Wheel Coaching has become a leader in cycling and endurance coaching across the region since 2010 when it began in Southern California. Coaches Joy and Brian McCulloch work with athletes of all levels and abilities with the objective to help these athletes reach – and surpass – their goals. As professional cyclists themselves, both Joy and Brian bring knowledge and experience to their coaching which they blend with the science of coaching to create attainable and sustainable training plans. Working with Big Wheel Coaching will provide you with the structure, feedback, and accountability while guiding you to your Personal Best at your upcoming events. Partnering with Spectrum Sports Management for Bike The Coast and San Diego Century events is an exciting collaboration where together, the athletes and attendees will be offered high caliber support on and off the bike.

For more information, visit:https://www.bigwheelcoaching.com/