SilverLine Launches Data Analytics Dashboard to Strengthen Race Event Engagement with Sponsors and Participants

April 2nd, 2019

Proprietary audience insights enhance events’ sponsorship outreach and activation; inform race and brand communication strategies

PHILADELPHIA (APRIL 2, 2019) SilverLine, the world’s first and only data analytics company focused exclusively on the active enthusiast market, today launches a new proprietary data analytics dashboard – for running, cycling, triathlon and obstacle races – that shows event producers and their brand partners when and how their participants socialize, seek information and make purchases digitally on their path to the Start line. SilverLine’s new online dashboard quickly shows event directors how and when their participants research, engage with and buy their sponsors’ products and services so they can effectively integrate sponsors’ messaging – like branded social media or e-newsletter content – to influence these purchases.

SilverLine is offering the new dashboard to its more than 650 mass-participation event partners at no cost to deepen their engagement with participants who will predictively spend $30 billion this year on their passions. These analytics will empower event directors to strategically activate sponsors’ campaigns and support their participants’ experience with relevant content.

“Event participants socialize every step of the athlete journey on Facebook and Instagram,” says SilverLine co-founder and CEO Jayme Goldberg.  “They’re the star character in a story — a challenging and rewarding experience built around training, traveling, gearing up and competing. Data analytics help event directors and their sponsors engage and serve them throughout their event experience. More than just capturing ‘moment in time’ characteristics, our analytics map changes to an event audience’s behaviors and purchases over time so that directors can show that their participants made real purchases, underscoring the sponsor’s ROI.

The push for measurable ROI increasingly influences marketers’ evaluation of their event sponsorships. IEG’s 2018 Sponsorship Outlook reports that an increasing number of brands are seeking to terminate their sponsorship deals before the contract ends — 58% this year, up from 45% last year. SilverLine’s Goldberg believes that the discovery and application of audience insights can help event directors prove value and combat this increasing unrest among sponsors.

“Event directors are under pressure to meet the evolving expectations of their sponsors, or risk being replaced by other options that better serve their engagement and ROI demands,” says Ms. Goldberg. “There is a widening gap between the sponsorship deliverables event directors are accustomed to providing, and what brands need to validate a successful program today. It’s no longer sufficient to send sponsors photos of their expo booth, banners in the Finish chute, or product samples on a table. They want the proof of influenced behavior that only data analytics provide.”

“Audience insights help us find authentic connection points for our partners to support the runner experience and generate the most meaningful interactions for sponsors,” says Marc Goldman, head of sponsorship and marketing for the Marine Corps Marathon.  “We can more quickly align sponsor messaging to when the runners are most attuned to specific recommendations and new ideas.”

Engaged sponsors who understand how a sponsorship investment propels their business and delighted participants who have a fully-supported experience are the two most vital components of a successful event,” says Ms. Goldberg. “SilverLine’s data analytics dashboard helps event directors win both.”

SilverLine’s proprietary data analytics measure preferences and content consumption and predict purchasing behavior for millions of active lifestyle athletes participating in more than 650 mass-participatory running, cycling, triathlon and obstacle race events. The company generates valuable first-party data leveraging website and social media data to build detailed, hard-to-get psychographic and behavioral information about active lifestyle enthusiasts and their experiences. Then SilverLine enriches these first-party profiles with up to 2,000 offline behavioral attributes to give partner events and brands an actionable profile of their customers’ content consumption and purchasing habits; and adds new dimension and clarity to ROI measurement of the program’s impact.

SilverLine data allows brands to predicatively influence purchasing decisions in core vertical categories such as footwear, apparel, gear and wearable technology; and extends to non-endemic categories including travel/hospitality, automotive, food and beverage, insurance and financial services, and more.


SilverLine Launches Data Analytics Dashboard to Strengthen Race Event Engagement with Sponsors and Participants

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