SFuels LLC announces creation for the SFuels.TV Ambassador Program for 2019/20

March 15, 2019

SFuels LLC announces the creation of its Ambassador Program for LCHF athletes and all endurance athletes interested in making the switch to LCHF. Program registration commences March 15th, 2019 for 2019/20.  The SFuels.TV Ambassador program will be headed by Tim Reynolds, himself an IRONMAN champion, USAT certified coach as well as a long term LCHF practitioner.

“The SFuels.TV Ambassador program is the first program available for LCHF athletes and endurance athletes interested in switching to the LCHF Lifestyle. I am excited to be involved and to have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the endurance sports industry by sharing best practice on training and racing the LCHF way, supported by SFuels products.”

Joining the team with Dave Scott and Dr Dan Plews, will give athletes access to all of the latest LCHF science, training and racing tips from some of the biggest names in the industry. Athletes will have access to all of the material being produced by SFuels as well as a chance to test and give feedback on industry leading product formulations and to making a lasting impact on the endurance sport community globally by helping to spread the LCHF word through their training and racing results in 2019/20.

SFuels began developing LCHF endurance fuels in 2014, in both training bar and drink formats. SFuels products are developed to provide caloric fuels, without the simple-sugars and sugar alcohols used in traditional products. SFuels is focused on enabling maximal oxidation of fat for fuel, while also mitigating race-stopping simple-sugar triggered gut/GI issues. SFuels was developed and tested in the ultra-running community and has since made its debut in a grand fashion at the Ironman World Championships last year in Kona.  SFuels LLC have a complete portfolio of products in development, with its ambassador team.

SFuels, invites endurance athletes to come and apply-register to join the team here:



SFuels LLC.  A US company, dedicated to developing fuels and nutrition for the ultra-endurance sports community, founded on low-carb high fat principles.  The company seeks to educate and enable both endurance athletes and the broader industry on improved training-racing performances, and the longevity of their endurance lifestyles.  Find more information about SFuels at SFuelsgolonger.com