Russian National Triathlon Team Selects Omegawave As Training Solution Partner

April 18th, 2013

SAN DIEGO, Calif., April 18, 2013 Omegawave, a leader in physiological readiness technology, is today announcing a collaboration with the Russian National Triathlon team, one of the worlds’ leading teams in triathlon.

The Omegawave service, used for years by leading professional athletes and teams such as FC Barcelona, Manchester United and several Olympic Committees, is a revolutionary physiological feedback tool that quickly, non-stressfully, and non-invasively assesses an athlete’s functional state and readiness for training and competition. This helps optimize training, avoid injuries and overtraining and deliver peak performance when it matters most.

The Russian national team is the first team in triathlon to adopt Omegawave’s readiness solutions for it use. The Omegawave service enables the team’s coach to follow the daily readiness of athletes and track their physiological responses to training over time — all without laboratory tests, based on a two-minute daily measurement at rest.

The Russian team is one of the leading triathlon teams in the world, and three of their athletes were in the top 15 in the 2012 ITU World Triathlon Series ranking.

 “We are very pleased Russian National Triathlon team have selected to work with Omegawave. Our technology has been used to help the world’s best professional sport athletes for years and we’re delighted Omegawave can now do the same for elite triathletes who will naturally benefit from our technology.” says Ricardo Velez, Product manager of Omegawave.

Dmitri Butkov, Head Coach of the Russian Triathlon national team, said, “We are looking forward working with Omegawave throughout the World Triathlon Series, as consistency is key for the athletes for such a long span of time. Pre-season preparations are very important, but to actually analyze the readiness of the athletes between races is key for a successful overall result in the world rankings.”

As part of the collaboration, Omegawave will be developing further triathlon-specific features for its applications.

“This new relationship highlights our commitment to the triathlon community and provide the benefits of Omegawave’s successful physiological assessment service to elite triathletes,” said Val Nasedkin, Vice President Business Development at Omegawave.

In addition to the Omegawave Pro service which is targeted to elite and professional athletes and teams, Omegawave is also available for every fitness enthusiast and competitive athlete looking to improve his or her sports performance. Launched in February 2013, a new cloud and smartphone-based Omegawave mobile service puts professional sports science into every athlete’s hands with measurements taken in two minutes, at rest. The Omegawave ECG Sensor Belt measures and records data, while the Omegawave mobile application provides results in the form of personalized training advice, recovery guidelines and aerobic readiness trends directly on the user’s smart phone or tablet computer.

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About Omegawave

Based on research in sports science and space medicine, Omegawave provides leading methods for monitoring an athlete’s functional condition. Omegawave provides instantly-relevant advice on the optimum amount of intensity and volume of training.  By identifying an athlete’s physiologically limiting factors and providing guidelines to eliminate them, Omegawave helps to improve performance, prevent overtraining, decrease injuries and improve fitness and overall health. Omegawave technology has been used by multiple Olympic Federations, premier soccer teams such as FC Barcelona, teams from the NFL, MLS, and NHL, and various other leading sports organizations. The company’s global headquarters are in Espoo, Finland.


Russian National Triathlon Team Selects Omegawave As Training Solution Partner

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