RunSignup Announces RaceJoy Now Available Through Certified Timers

March 15th, 2019

RunSignup Announces RaceJoy Now Available Through Certified Timers

Race Timers Offering Advanced Live GPS Tracking

March 15, 2019 – Moorestown, NJ – RunSignup announces RaceJoy is now available through certified timers across the country. During RunSignup’s RaceDay Timer Certification Tour in January, 240 timers were trained in RaceJoy’s mapping technology and are now able to offer RaceJoy as part of their race day timing services. Since the certification training, timers have already signed up 135 races with RaceJoy. Races offer RaceJoy to participants and spectators for an interactive race day experience through key features such as real-time GPS tracking, continual progress updates, cheer sending, and live results.

“Race timers have shown an energetic response with adding RaceJoy to their services and are fully embracing managing the technology. We were especially impressed with timers’ willingness to spend the resources – both on time and travel costs –  to attend the timer certification training. Timers are the technology backbone to the race industry, and we made a strategic decision to partner with timers because of this and their ability to help innovate the race industry,” said Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup.

By going through their timer, race organizers are able to delegate the management of the course map to the timer, which is the key foundational component of RaceJoy. In addition, the timer can ensure the race gets the most out of RaceJoy’s capabilities, such as using geo-based message and cheer points where audio files are played at key points along the course. RaceDay Certified timers are provided with exclusive pricing arrangements and, in some cases, are able to offer races more competitive pricing than the standard RaceJoy price.

Races continue to have the option to purchase RaceJoy directly through RunSignup, and RaceJoy is available for any race regardless of registration provider.

RaceJoy is a proven technology that provides value to participants, spectators, sponsors, and race organizers with more than 750,000 downloads, and is used at races across the country and by spectators around the world. RaceJoy continues to lead the industry with its real-time GPS tracking and with many innovation-firsts such as live cheer sending, NearMe alerts, relay team tracking, Store and Forward when in poor cell zones, race day monitoring for race organizers, real-time direct communication with individual runners, and race staff tracking.

Races look to timers to be their technology consultant and guide them on ways to innovate and improve the overall race experience. Race timers are embracing RaceJoy’s advanced technology to deliver a race experience not available at every race. RaceDay Certified timers can use RaceJoy to expand their chip tracking to include GPS tracking and deliver live scored results.

RunSignup is offering two upcoming opportunities for race timers to become RaceDay Certified. Certification includes a focus on RunSignup’s RaceDay products with an emphasis on RaceJoy and RaceDay Scoring.

March 19: Web-based RaceDay Certification

July 17: On-site RaceDay Certification at RunSignup’s Summer Symposium

About RunSignUp

RunSignUp’s expertly crafted, all-in-one technology solution for endurance events powers the entire race lifecycle and elevates endurance and fundraising communities. The RunSignUp solution is built on a powerful, fully-integrated CRM and provides event organizers with the flexibility to create unique race experiences. RunSignUp products include promotional tools like email marketing and free race websites, a registration pathway, a full fundraising platform, management systems for clubs, volunteers, and sponsors, and a suite RaceDay tools – including the runner-tracking app, RaceJoy, and the next generation race timing software, RaceDay Scoring. More than 16,000 races use RunSignUp to manage their events and register more than 4 million participants each year.  For more information, visit




RunSignup Announces RaceJoy Now Available Through Certified Timers

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