ReSport Transforms Results Files into Immersive Race Replays

February 4, 2020

Realtime Experience Sport (ReSport), a platform for advanced mapping, registration, results, and race tracking systems, announces software to convert existing results files into map-based, interactive race replays. With simply an Excel or CSV (comma-separated) results file, event timers and race directors can transform the post-race experience for every athlete.

The ReSport replay engine can handle races with thousands of athletes, varying start waves, and multiple segments (for example, triathlons or relay runs). Categories or age groups can be viewed individually, and the replay duration can be configured per race (i.e. an entire triathlon can be watched in 5 minutes). Each athlete’s position, segment, distance traveled, and current pace are updated automatically during the replay. Sponsor logos can be added for additional visibility.

Using just a results file found online and a GPX course file, the following replay was created in seconds for a relay run in Colorado: https://live.resport.io/replay.jsp?r=5665610746822656

Race replays increase the engagement rate for participants following an event. Athletes can relive their experience on Monday at work, as well as share their accomplishment with friends and family. Race directors have an additional tool to analyze course flow and bottlenecks for the following year’s event. Timing companies can animate their archive of results files, adding value to their timing services. And replays provide additional exposure for sponsors through their stickiness – visitors spend on average 85% more time on a replay webpage than a flat results webpage.

ReSport offers registration for a variety of event types, including races, camps, clinics, performances, and challenges (virtual events held over longer periods of time), through its cloud-based software. ReSport also offers interactive course mapping with unlimited routes and elevation profiles for races and tours, advance results displays, and participant tracking. All components of the platform are mobile-friendly and update in real-time, without the need for browser refresh.

To create a free replay of your race, visit: https://live.resport.io/createreplay.jsp

To learn more, email info@ReSport.io.