race|result active technology in action at Beijing International Triathlon with Trinity Timing

October 16, 2019

This weekend, October 19-20, 2019, about 1,300 athletes will be competing at the Beijing International Triathlon in China. The event is produced by IMG China and is the only qualifying race in Asia for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. The race always has a very impressive line-up of professional triathletes (by invitation only) and is broadcast on TV. 2019 marks the 8th year of the event and the second year that Trinity Timing is using the race|result technology at Beijing International Triathlon.

Scott Langford with Trinity Timing shares his experience with the race|result technology: “The switch to race|result has made traveling to international races much easier and less stressful. We can pack our split timing points for a triathlon in a backpack and even carry them on the plane. Using the race|result equipment portfolio allows us to pack light without compromising on read rates or accuracy. The addition of track boxes allows us to have even more live timing points on the course without adding extra staff. We look forward to another smooth race this weekend.”

To learn more about race|result or the technology used at Beijing International Triathlon, visit us at www.raceresult.com or send us an email to [email protected].