RaceJoy’s Monitoring System Now with Participant Replay

January 5th, 2017

RaceJoy’s Monitoring System Now with Participant Replay

Released for Race Day Event Management

RunSignUp’s RaceJoy, an industry leading mobile application for running, cycling and triathlon events, announces Participant Replay as part of its Race Day Monitoring system. This new feature gives race organizers and timers the ability to replay the exact path of those participants using RaceJoy’s GPS tracking on race day. RaceJoy focuses on offering an interactive race day experience and includes the most advanced form of race day tracking available along with cheer sending. RaceJoy’s race day monitoring system enables event management with the ability to monitor participants’ progress and to interact real-time with the race operations team.

“We’ve experienced positive reception from races to the new RaceJoy Race Day Monitoring system and this is a feature that the race organizers have expressed an interest in using. Already, we’ve seen some races require participants to use RaceJoy’s GPS tracking for qualification in prize money or for safety purposes. We see this replay feature as an additional tool for more granular information and to help ensure a well-managed race,” said James Harris, RaceJoy’s creator.

RaceJoy’s participant replay along with RaceJoy’s off course alert system helps races to understand if there are problems with the course, which is especially key for longer distance or trail events. A common incidence with long distance or trail races are participants getting off course due to confusion of where to navigate. RaceJoy’s replay feature allows race management to watch where a participant got off course and to see if there are problem areas on the course that need to be addressed.

Additionally, RaceJoy’s replay feature provides the race with a course verification tool to confirm that participants completed the entire official course, which is especially important when awards and prize money are given to finishers. Race organizers that offer prize money frequently experience concerns about whether a person completed the course correctly. This replay feature will help them to verify this and respond to any concerns from competing participants.

This new feature is part of the RaceJoy monitoring system which offers a web console view of live race day activity by tracking the GPS location of race participants and the race operations team members. It provides real-time information such as the number of race participants who have passed certain milestones, individual race participant progress information like pace and estimated finish time, notifications when participants are off course along with the ability to send audio messages directly to race participants and members of race operations. Together, these features give race organizers and event managers access to information not available previously and help them to manage the race day experience more efficiently.

About RunSignUp’s RaceJoy

RaceJoy, a RunSignUp product, is changing the race experience through advanced mobile technologies specifically for running, cycling and triathlon race events. RaceJoy is designed to provide real-time, interactive information and connection for participants, spectators, and race organizers on race day. RaceJoy offers innovative features such as live GPS tracking, GPS-based progress alerts, Send-a-Cheer, Text-to-Cheer, NearMe proximity alerts, and Race Day Monitoring. With an emphasis on quality, RaceJoy was built upon native mobile technology for an authentic, interactive mobile experience. For more information about RaceJoy, visit www.racejoy.com and the company behind RaceJoy at www.runsignup.com.


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RaceJoy’s Monitoring System Now with Participant Replay

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