RaceJoy Announces Off Course Alerts

November 2nd, 2016

RaceJoy Announces Off Course Alerts

Alerts Issued When Participant is Off the Race Course

RunSignUp announces its newest industry-first feature, an Off Course Alert system that sends alerts to race organizers when a participant is off the race course. RaceJoy, an industry leading mobile app for running, cycling and triathlon race events, provides advanced race day tracking and an innovative race experience for participants and spectators. This new feature is part of the RaceJoy Race Day Monitoring Systems and allows race organizers help manage race day operations. Organizers can also choose to have alerts issued to participants to help keep people on course during the race. This new feature is included with RaceJoy’s buyout option at no additional charge.

“We see these off course alerts as a significant advancement in race day operations and course management. There is such a range of possibilities and usefulness this brings to the race from addressing safety concerns for the longer distance, trail and overnight courses to ensuring people are honest when running the course. RaceJoy’s value just keeps expanding and opening new doors for all of us,” said Bob Bickel, founder of RunSignUp.

RaceJoy’s new off course alerts are part of its Race Day Monitoring System, where race organizers and timers can track participants and the race operations team live from a web console and view real-time performance information. The off alerts help race organizers know if there is a potential issue with participants veering off course or even if an individual has cut the course. In addition, races have the option to have RaceJoy automatically alert the participants if they are off course.

RaceJoy also now deploys missed milestone alerts in its Race Day Monitoring system. This provides additional information as to the activity on the race course, and lets organizers know if there is a need to adjust the course map in RaceJoy. Both types of alerts help ensure an honest race is being performed by participants, which is highly important for competitive participants and when prize money and awards are involved.

“We launched this feature in response to the needs of races who have concerns around safety from long distance trail runs to night races. This helps both the race organizers and the participants and gives participants the confidence that they are on the right path. We are continuing to build on RaceJoy’s capabilities and will be launching a participant replay feature soon,” says James Harris, Founder of RaceJoy.

RaceJoy’s off course alert system can be automatically deployed to participants upon special request by the race organizer. The participant receives an alert in audio format notifying them that they are off the race course. This is an especially useful tool for longer distances and for more complicated courses, and provides an added safety component and assurance for the race participant.

About RunSignUp’s RaceJoy

RaceJoy, a RunSignUp product, is changing the race experience through advanced mobile technologies specifically for running, cycling and triathlon race events. RaceJoy is designed to provide real-time, interactive information and connection for participants, spectators, and race organizers on race day. RaceJoy offers innovative features such as live GPS tracking, GPS-based progress alerts, Send-a-Cheer, Text-to-Cheer, NearMe proximity alerts, and Race Day Monitoring. With an emphasis on quality, RaceJoy was built upon native mobile technology for an authentic, interactive mobile experience. For more information about RaceJoy, visit www.racejoy.com and the company behind RaceJoy at www.runsignup.com.


RunSignUp's RaceJoy

RaceJoy Announces Off Course Alerts

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