Professional Triathletes Organisation Appoints Financial Advisor — Moves Collins Cup

February 1st, 2019

Professional Triathletes Organisation teams up with North Point Advisors to raise institutional capital.

(LONDON, ENGLAND—BOULDER, CO.) — The Professional Triathletes Organisation announced today that it has appointed North Point Advisors as its financial advisor in seeking a strategic partner and that it will be moving The Collins Cup, originally scheduled to be part of Challenge Roth in July 2019, to 2020.

Rachel Joyce, Co-president of the PTO, commented, “This is about athlete self-determination. We have now seen aggregate professional triathlon prize purses decline over the last two years, and we are beginning the journey to change this. Athlete self-determination is the natural evolution of professional sport, as we saw when the Association of Tennis Professionals was formed in 1989 to take more control of the professional side of tennis. The PTO is on that path and, together with North Point Advisors, have developed a plan by which professional triathletes can have sustainable professional careers and share meaningfully, instead of meagrely, in the economics that the sport produces.”

David Jacquin, CEO of North Point Advisors, commented, “The triathlon space is hugely valuable and has blue chip demographics, but is too fragmented. The PTO has the unique opportunity, by acting collectively and together with its strategic partners, to consolidate the audience and fan base and capture a sizable part of this value.”

Commenting on moving The Collins Cup event to 2020, Co-President of the PTO Tim O’Donnell said, “The PTO’s road to athlete self-determination goes beyond a single event, but we are committed to making sure our first event raises the level of production well above what is in the market today and deliver to our fan base and audience an exciting and engaging competition. 

The date and location of The Collins Cup in 2020 will be determined once we select our strategic partners. We are thankful for the support of Challenge Roth and The Challenge Family. Zibi Szlufcik and Felix Walchshoefer have both been very supportive of the PTO and professional triathletes, and we will continue to work closely with them as we map out the future date and location of The Collins Cup and additional commercial developments”.

About The Professional Triathletes Organisation

The Professional Triathletes Organisation is a not-for-profit entity of professional triathletes who seek to celebrate and promote the sport of triathlon. As host of The Collins Cup, the PTO will seek to foster the international goodwill, comradery and keen competition that are fundamental to the enjoyment and future growth of the sport of triathlon.

About North Point Advisors

North Point Advisors is a leading independent investment bank focused on providing financial advice on mergers and acquisitions and raising institutional capital to meet the growth objectives of its clients. Since its founding in 2004, North Point Advisors has advised on more than 160 transactions representing world class brands in over $25billion of transaction value. Its industries of focus include consumer, wellness, and healthcare, and it has one of the largest and most experienced consumer M&A teams on Wall Street, completing transactions with leading brands such as Starbucks, Jimmy John’s, Kosta Browne Winery, Landry’s, Golden Nugget Casinos, Massage Envy, and Peanuts by Schulz.


Rachel Joyce – Co-President Professional Triathletes Organisation
Tim O’Donnell – Co-President Professional Triathletes Organisation
Charles Adamo – CEO Professional Triathletes Organisation +44 7880 710004
David Jacquin – CEO North Point Advisors LLC San Francisco, CA. +1 415-358-3501

Professional Triathletes Organisation

Professional Triathletes Organisation Appoints Financial Advisor — Moves Collins Cup

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