Professional Triathlete Jesse Thomas Launches $10,000 First Year Pro Scholarship Fund for 2017

September 8, 2016

Fresh off the launch of his ultimate performance aviator, the Phantom from ROKA Sports, inc., professional triathlete and Picky Bars co-founder Jesse Thomas is reflecting on all the support he’s received when he first started his professional triathlon career six years ago and is giving back.

Along with his wife, professional runner and Picky Bars co-founder Lauren Fleshman, Thomas will be offering a scholarship fund of $10,000 to be divided among two to four first year professional triathletes in 2017.

“Being a first year pro in this sport is hard, it’s incredibly expensive and a foggy, information deprived environment to navigate wisely without experience,” said Thomas. “The support and advice I received from family, friends, and people within the industry enabled me to make it that first year, and set me up for what eventually became a sustainable career of my own.”

As part of the scholarship fund, Thomas also will provide sponsorship and professional development advice to the selected candidates. In addition, many of his partners—including ROKA and Picky Bars—will provide product and/or financial support where appropriate and non-conflicting with any recipients’ current sponsors.

Added Thomas, “My hope with this program is to provide a small but beneficial program to help selected first year pros launch their careers. I’m happy to give back and hopefully help create an opportunity for other athletes to enjoy their own journey the way I have mine.”

More details and an application process will be announced via Thomas’ website, LeapDaySports.com in November.