Pic2Go Introduces Open Gallery – The Full Branded Race Photo Gallery!

July 1, 2019

Pic2Go, the global provider of Sponsored Race Photography has released the new Open Gallery as part of its Sponsored Race Photography platform.

Pic2Gothe global provider of Sponsored Race Photography has released the new Open Gallery as part of its Sponsored Race Photography platform.

Typically, the Pic2Go Race Photography platform is used to offer participants their Free Race Photos for social sharing during event day. The platform is known for its industry leading >85% sharing rate for the branded race photos – maximizing social reach and engagement for the race sponsors. With the new Open Gallery participants (and their friends) can now browse through all race photos, download the branded photos or add them to their personal RunPage finisher gallery.

While the Pic2Go’s patented 2D barcodes technology automated photo-tagging for most race photos, the new Open Gallery now let participants search for their additional photos and add them to their personal gallery (Lost & Found)

Just released – Open Gallery has already been offered to race finishers worldwide including:

“While our main Digital Race Experience Sharing solution drives massive photo-sharing and boosts sponsor’s visibility, it now also offered to participants who prefer not to share their photos to Facebook, or anyone interested in viewing the full event gallery” Says Eitan Hefetz – Pic2Go CEO.

“This component completes our race photography platform offering, which can now serve all kind of events and all preferences of participants.”

Pic2Go’s Open Gallery is now offered as an integrated part of the Pic2Go Sponsored Race Photography Package, and is a great way to enhance Free Race Photos activations!

 About Pic2Go

Established in 2010, Pic2Go is a worldwide solution provider for Sponsored Race Photography, providing endurance event participants with free branded photos and videos to share on social media, while boosting race sponsorship. Pic2Go’s race photography technology is used by major events and sponsors in 40 countries. Recent events using Pic2Go in the U.S. include – Baltimore Running Festival,  Sioux Falls Marathon, Oakland Marathon, Gran Fondo NJ and others.
Pic2Go is also the developer of the emerging Finishers Experience Platform – RunPage.
For more information about Pic2Go visit http://www1.pic2go.com