Orca joins the IGNITE SwimRun Series with innovative approach to onsite activation.

March 12th, 2019

Orca joins the IGNITE SwimRun Series with innovative approach to onsite activation.

IGNITE SwimRun offers it's largest retail partners an opportunity for cost-effective onsite activation at all its venues.

Richmond, VA (March 13, 2019) – The IGNITE SwimRun Series will hit five states in 2019 and Orca will be onsite at every one of them. Through a unique approach to onsite activations, Orca will have trained staff onsite for sales and marketing at a fraction of the cost. IGNITE has a full-time staff member dedicated to working with their largest retail partners. By combining forces, each of the retail partners pays a small piece of the cost for travel and expenses for that dedicated staff member. IGNITE then agrees to transport the onsite displays and products to each venue at no cost to the retailer.

“We know that we have to provide strong ROI to our retail partners in order to make supporting our series a financially viable investment,” said Jay Peluso, IGNITE SwimRun Co-Founder. “Onsite activation is an essential part of that. The days of putting a two-inch logo on the back of a t-shirt in exchange for cash have been over for a while”.

Onsite sales are run through Orca’s online portal meaning transactions are solely between the purchaser and the retailer. IGNITE doesn’t touch the funds at any part of the process.

Ty Stevens, Brand Manager for Orca U.S., explained, “we just don’t have the manpower to be onsite at every single event that we would like to be. This approach allows us to have a larger presence in the sport without taxing all of our resources. IGNITE realizes that in order to continue to support growing events such as theirs that they need to do more than put logos on websites. We are looking forward to seeing how this approach works. We think it is has a lot of promise.”

The first test will come at IGNITE Maryland on May 10-11 and follow the IGNITE SwimRun Series around the country ending with the U.S. National SwimRun Championship in Richmond, VA on Oct 19th.

Registration for all 2019 events is now open. For more information about IGNITE SwimRun, visit www.igniteswimrun.com.

About Orca

Orca is inspired by the open sea and its natural spirit of freedom. Founded in New Zealand but possessing a global outlook, Orca was created in 1992 because former triathlon champion Scott Unsworth was passionate about creating better, faster wetsuits than those on the market at the time. That relentless desire to use cutting edge innovation to fuel the best performance remains with us today. The Orca name evokes the instinct and prowess of the powerful ruler of the oceans. Like the Orca whale, our designs have always been organic, streamlined and in tune with nature. We are one of the original triathlon brands. And because we have always been a brand that is by triathletes, and for triathletes, we know triathlon better than anyone else. It’s one of the reasons behind our international success and why we continue to be used by so many top triathletes.

About IGNITE SwimRun

IGNITE SwimRun is a race production company based in Richmond, VA and specializing in SwimRun endurance events. IGNITE is owned and operated by experienced, certified Race Directors Jay Peluso and Danny Serpico and is the first company to produce a multi-state SwimRun series in the U.S.

Participants traverse through a pre-marked course in nature alternating between running and swimming. Swim legs may consist of long open ocean swims, rocky rivers or crystal-clear lakes while runs are on anything from roads, fire trails, technical rock scrambles or whatever nature puts in front of you. Athletes typically participate as a two-person team of men, women or mixed but individual options are also available.

As a team, participants must remain within 10-meters of each other, this is not a relay. They share the experience, the fun, the beauty and the suffering.

Rules permit swim aids such as hand paddles, pull buoys, even fins if you are so inclined but there are no transition areas and all gear must stay with you for the entire course so choose wisely. Some small safety gear is also required such as a water proof compression bandage and whistle.

In the end, SwimRun is about taking on a challenge different from anything you’ve experienced before, sharing that journey and crossing the finish line exhausted and excited about what you just accomplished.

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