Orbiter Detects Tags on a Line

October 20, 2020

Find out how by viewing the video link provided

The Orbiter tag detection tool creates a line, rather than a fuzzy finish, for race timing. The advantage is truer and more accurate timing for your cross country race, your Fun Run or your fitness assessments.

With Orbiter’s patented RFID side antenna technology, and its accompanying proprietary software, virtually anyone can time a race with just a few minutes of instruction. The Orbiter is simple to set up (as can be seen in the video), and eliminates the need for mats and cables at the start and/or finish of virtually any race, training run or fitness test.

Coaches love the Orbiter because it also eliminates the need for stop watches during long-distance training. Fundraisers love the Orbiter for its easy-to-use lap counting and timing at their Fun Runs. Physical Education teachers love the Orbiter for its ability to simplify fitness assessments and lap counts during class.

The Orbiter tool can time any human-powered event, making it ideal for simple runs, triathlons (use multiple detectors at waypoints, set minimum “lap” times for specific legs of events), bike races, or any event where people power their performance.

Products include the Spire, as demonstrated in the video, the portable Sling and the Corkscrew. All systems are available for purchase or to rent.

YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/8EhQtCnnZuE


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