Onewheel World Championship Race Promises to be a Must See Event

August 6, 2020

Streaming live on Youtube - Twelve of the world’s best Onewheel riders will race down trails of a top-secret Utah Ski Resort for a shot at a $10,000 prize purse.

(Utah Mountains – August 6, 2020) Future Motion, maker of the popular Onewheel electric boards, today announced the details of its 2020 edition of Race for the Rail—an off-road Onewheel race that will take place at an undisclosed ski resort in the mountains of Utah. The finals will be broadcasted live on Onewheel’s YouTube channel.

This year marks the fifth edition of the race and features twelve starting riders. This invite-only event includes nine of the best riders from last years’ Northstar Edition of Race for the Rail and three community-nominated wild cards chosen by Onewheel’s social media audience. Races will be paired in brackets and race boardercross style down challenging terrain for a chance to win a prize purse of over $10,000.

“It’s so exciting to watch the best riders in the sport come out and compete against each other down ski slopes,” says Onewheel Chief Evangelist, Jack Mudd. “Onewheeling has grown so much; it’s reflected in the amount of talented riders around the country and the stakes of the event.”

While last year’s race had an accompanying festival—encouraging fans, spectators, and locals to join—the 2020 version has been reimagined to be as COVID-19 safe as possible. No crowd will be permitted at the event. As such, racers will not be informed of the location of the event until two days prior its start and will also be required to sign NDA’s about the location. All racers and staff must produce a negative COVID-19 test before entrance into the event and all racers and staff will be wearing masks throughout the duration of the event.

“While we wish we could safely host a crowd, this year we will be bringing Race for the Rail to your living room with our live broadcast,” remarks Mudd. “We’ve invested heavily in on-site safety measures for our riders and in our live stream capabilities for fans. We know everyone could use a little entertainment and we are thrilled to be able to bring folks to the race through our Youtube broadcast and crown a champion.”

The Race for the Rail will be broadcast live on Onewheel’s YouTube channel at 2pm PST on Sunday, August 16th. It will be produced by Transition Productions, presenter of the Spartan Games, World Surf League events, and US Open of Surf.

Starting today, Onewheel will also be hosting the Race for the Rail Livestream Giveaway, which fans can enter by heading to the Race for the Rail site. Participants will then be notified when the race is live and will be entered to win prizes, including a Onewheel+ XR, live on-air.

About Future Motion, Inc

Founded in 2013, Future Motion is committed to designing and developing inspiring vehicles that include both elegant form and unprecedented function. Future Motion’s products, Onewheel Pint and Onewheel+ XR, exemplify its dedication to crafting products that bridge recreation and transportation. Future Motion designs not only the Onewheel product line but also all the subsystems that power it, including custom brushless motors, power electronics and battery modules. Onewheel, which provides a riding experience similar to surfing but on paved or unpaved trails, is perfectly situated in Santa Cruz where the mountains meet the sea. Its products are protected by over 37 issued patents in the U.S. and worldwide.