Launching 40th Anniversary Celebration at the TCS New York City Marathon Weekend

October 26th, 2018

Launching 40th Anniversary Celebration at the TCS New York City Marathon Weekend

Exploring the Seven Continents One Stride at a Time

Boston, MA – Forty years ago CEO and Founder Thom Gilligan had a notion that there was a market for runners who loved to travel.  He started with his first group to the New York City Marathon in 1979.  Since then, his brain child – Marathon Tours & Travel – has dedicated itself to offering runners and their travel companions’ extraordinary destination experiences while exploring all seven continents.

“At this point Marathon Tours & Travel is the only company I look to when considering a marathon because their service is impeccable. I sincerely appreciate the timely personal responses in advance planning for a trip and knowing I’ll see a friendly, helpful face upon arrival in a completely new country. I trust and know that I have support on the ground.” 2018 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Tour participant.

Located in Boston, the home of the world’s oldest marathon, Marathon Tours & Travel plays an integral role in the Boston Marathon by accommodating thousands of marathoners, family and friends around the city.  Additionally it is the official North American travel agency for many of the world’s most popular running events including those that comprise the Abbott World Marathon Majors. This has enabled new runners joining the sport to benefit from Marathon Tours & Travel long standing support of the Virgin Money London Marathon (since 1982, its second year of existence), the Tokyo Marathon, TCS New York City Marathon, and more than 40 additional destination experiences.

“Running may be the connective tissue, but the true essence of the sport is a passage to a bigger world. Nobody has done it better than Marathon Tours taking thousands of runners including myself to far edges of the world to cross finish lines we only dreamed existed.” Bart Yasso, The “Mayor of Running,”

Throughout the year, a number of milestone events will be celebrated including the 20th running of the Antarctica Marathon.  This race was first offered by Marathon Tours & Travel in 1995 and shortly thereafter, Gilligan created the Seven Continents Club (SCC) to give runners a new challenge of running on all seven continents. To date, 687 men and women have completed a marathon on all seven continents and 49 men and women have completed a half-marathon on all seven continents.  The interest continues to grow.

“I was one of the first of two American woman to run all six Abbott World Marathon Majors after completing the Tokyo Marathon in 2013.  To keep the party going, my friend and I decided since we already had three continents finished with the Majors (North America, Europe, and Asia) we should finish the other four continents and become members of the Seven Continents Club too. And so we did!” Cindy Bishop, Seven Continents Club Finisher (2018).

“Although it seems like yesterday when I took the first group to the Big Apple, here I am 40 years later looking forward to welcoming 300 clients to one of the most spectacular courses and race weekends in our country,” reflected Gilligan. Amongst the VIPs will be American marathon icon and author Kathrine Switzer who remembers fondly her beginnings with Marathon Tours & Travel, “I’ll never forget my first experience with a Gilligan tour. It was his inaugural Bermuda Marathon trip and what an eye-opener to suddenly meet people I had seen all over the USA years before, all coming together in a fun, ‘exotic’ place  (to us, in those days, it really was).  I remember thinking, what a fabulous idea!”

About Marathon Tours & Travel (MTT)

Founded in 1979, Marathon Tours & Travel (MTT) was the first global company to specialize in travel services specifically for runners.  Today it offers more than 40 destinations worldwide for the adventure runner, road runner and trail runner.  More information can be found at


Marathon Tours & Travel

Launching 40th Anniversary Celebration at the TCS New York City Marathon Weekend

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