KIS Triathlon Team Head Coach and Racing Pro Scott DeFilippis Continues with Team XRCEL to Fuel His 2019 Season

March 28, 2019

Charleston, SC (March 28, 2019) –  New World Consumer Products announces its continued sponsorship of KIS Triathlon Team Head Coach and racing Professional Scott DeFilippis as an XRCEL Athlete Fuel Brand Ambassador. Scott joined the XRCEL team in 2015 and has been a big part of our ambassador program both as a coach and an athlete.  Scott coaches Aussie Pro Carrie Lester along with the KIS Triathlon team and is responsible for introducing them to XRCEL with great success. His athletes have performed exceptionally well with XRCEL, racking up wins at Challenge Roth, Embrunman, IronMan France, Ventouxman, and a seventh place finish in the 2017 World Championship at Kona. 

“It’s a great pleasure to continue our partnership with XRCEL for another year, not just for my own personal use but also for our KIS Performance Team,” said DeFilippis. “I can’t tell you how many times XRCEL has pulled me through hard sessions as well as races. The more of our athletes that convert to XRCEL from traditional gels experience the same thing…Longer lasting and a more powerful affect. The micro gel technology that is in XRCEL is proven science!”

“Scott is a talented athlete who is passionate about racing and coaching his KIS performance athletes who are distributed around country. We are excited to sponsor Scott for the fourth consecutive year,” said Laura DeMeo, Business Development Manager – Endurance Sports for Team XRCEL.   “Although he has experienced nagging injuries over the years, the combination of patience, perseverance, skill, and fueling with XRCEL led Scott to an incredible 2018 season.  He doesn’t show any signs of slowing down after running his way to speedy 2:45 marathon on his way to a ninth place finish at IRONMAN France in 2018. We’re looking forward to another fantastic season with Scott and his athletes!”

About XRCEL® Athlete Fuel
XRCEL Athlete Fuel is a revolutionary extended release carbohydrate supplement formulated with patented pH and temperature responsive micro-gel technology developed by New World Pharmaceuticals, LLC.  XRCEL is a caffeine and banned substance free supplement designed to provide athletes with extended release muscle and brain fuel so that they may get the most out of their training and competitions. 

New World Pharmaceuticals is based in Charleston, South Carolina. For more information, please visit http://www.NewWorldPharma.com.

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